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   Chapter 1619 The Overbearing Aura (Part One)

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It was practically impossible to change the heavens' restrictions.

In order to eliminate the restrictions, a small group of Supreme Lords were expected to first create the secret medicine for reincarnation at a great cost. Once it was created, the Supreme Lords were to drink it so that they might be reincarnated with their memories of their past lives.

Everything would have started right back again at the beginning. It was only to their dismay, however, that once they reached the Life and Death Realm and successfully activated the Lotus Flower during the small Heavenly Tribulation, they were still unable to escape the restriction.

All the various races attached great importance to the Illusion Battlefield and the ace talents.

It was because they believed that maybe someone in this group of ace talents could ascend as a True God, which would allow them to go beyond the heavens!

It was possible that one or two of the warriors in the Soul Sea Realm would become a new True God.

It wasn't that there weren't any talented people at the Spirit Supreme Realm and Spirit Transformation Realm. It was just that, after this era began, all kinds of talents suddenly proliferated. And at present, these talents, whose age ranged from 20 to 40, had managed to reach the Soul Sea Realm, and continued to grow.

The incredibly numerous amount of new talents made everyone know this generation as the "Golden Generation".

The Snow Godly Way...


Zen's eyes flashed vividly.

This woman was most likely not of this grand era. Zen had never heard of her name before.

But it was at this moment that Zen seized the opportunity to talk to her. He approached her casually and asked, "Where does one go after he becomes a T

r to be compatible with the Snow Godly Way.

The True God that Zen now knew as Hannah mentioned the Godly Tile just now, but he was oblivious to what it was like.

If he could only return to the fairy palace, Zen would have been able to consult the Immortal Book about it.

Of course, if he wanted to transcend the heavens to search for the divine land, this situation should be of great importance to him.

After taking a few moments to think, Zen stepped out of the lamp's light and continued forward.

Two steps in and something caught his attention fairly quickly. He saw some murals carved into the walls of the Corridor of Emperor.

The first mural depicted the birth of a little baby girl. It seemed to snow heavily that day. There was even a solar eclipse in the mural's sky.

Zen walked further and looked at the second mural. The baby girl grew a bit taller and was now starting to cultivate martial arts. It looked like she was trying to harness her ultimate strength.

When he walked even further to look at the third mural, Zen sighed.

'I think I get it now. The life of this True God has been inscribed in the walls of this corridor.'

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