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   Chapter 1618 Godly Way And Godly Tile (Part Two)

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"It's so strange. You are clearly using the Floating Feather Technique. Who did you learn this movement technique from?" the woman asked with a puzzled look on her delicate features.

Zen smiled and said, "I'll tell you, but first, tell me who are you?"

When the woman heard this, she indifferently replied, "This here is the Corridor of Emperor…"

"You are an Emperor?" Zen's eyebrows twitched as he interrupted.

"No," the woman shook her head. "I am the mark left behind by a True God."

"A True God?"

Zen's expression changed when he heard the woman's reply, and realized the implications thereof.

Seeing the change in Zen's expression, the woman sighed faintly. "This is your test. Although I am just a mark, I will still test your soul…"

While the woman was speaking, she lightly waved her hands and a glacier appeared in the heavens and began thundering down from the sky towards Zen!

This glacier was one hundred feet wide, and the temperature near it was extremely low. As the glacier descended at a murderous speed, it had already congealed into a thick icicle falling from the air, charging towards Zen!

"Using a True God's illusion to test my soul..." Zen murmured.

A look of caution and apprehension appeared on Zen's face as he faced the glacier falling towards him from above. Suddenly, he swung his fist!


When Zen's fist collided with this glacier, a crack appeared at the bottom of the glacier. The crack immediately ran out and spread like a spider's web through the thickly packed ice. Then this glacier turned into countless pieces of broken ice that collapsed and shot out with a loud bang to the land in a circle with a diameter of several hundred meters.



e, was the ace talent of the Ji Clan, and was also the most likely person to become a Godly Genius of the Ji Clan! What the Ji Clan possessed was the Five Elements Godly Way!

And the most important sign indicating the transformation of a Godly Genius was the full blooming of the Mahayana Lotus Flower!

Some warriors had only stepped into the Soul Sea, and their Hinayana Lotus Flowers would bloom with seven petals, or even nine petals. However, they had never managed to open up a Mahayana Lotus Flower during their entire lives spent in cultivation!

There were some martial artists that had opened up the Mahayana Lotus Flower when they were at the Spirit Supreme Realm or the Spirit Transformation Realm. And later, when they had become world lords, or when they managed to carry a Heavenly Destiny, they might be able to open up all the lotus petals of the Mahayana Lotus Flower.

However, the warriors in this situation were called "talents being restrained by the heavens". The majority of the Supreme Lords in the universe belonged to this kind of warriors. They had no hope of stepping into the Godly Way in their lengthy lifetimes.

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