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   Chapter 1617 Godly Way And Godly Tile (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6100

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Boom! The silence in this corridor was broken by this sound.

It came from the flame, which suddenly exploded in front of Zen in a magnificent flash of color.

However, this flame didn't burn his body. In fact, this flame had originally been part of the flames of the nihility. It was a flame that had burned a soul!

However, the power hidden within the flame was unimaginably strong!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The long corridor suddenly disappeared ahead of Zen.

What replaced it was a world of bitterly cold ice and snow!

Within the swirling and frigid wind, the power of the Ice Law was nearly incalculable!

'My soul has forcefully been pulled into this world of ice and snow?' Zen thought, looking down at his hands. There was a jade-green glow floating around his body. He was at the perfect soul state.


The crisp jingle of a metallic bell could be heard.

Then Zen saw a small bell suspended in the air!

"What is this bell?"

After the small bell's appearance, a figure gradually emerged from within the snowstorm.

It was a woman wearing nothing but a green and blue colored ribbon, wrapped around her graceful figure!

This woman flew towards Zen with her bare legs treading uncaringly through the endless cold. She quietly stared at him.


Before, it had not been so cold, and the toughened strength of Zen's soul was powerful enough to withstand any normal cold.

However, under this woman's indifferent gaze, Zen felt like he had fallen into an ice cellar which had been frozen for ten thousand years. At this moment, it was as if his soul was about to be sealed away. The surface of his soul had frozen over, and a thin layer of frost appeared. Zen was now even too cold to think at this point.

"What a strong use of the power of the Ice Law! But this is


When the woman saw Zen slowly floating closer, a look of confusion flashed across her snowy white face.

"You... You know how to use the Floating Feather Technique too?"

From the moment this woman had appeared, she hadn't spoken a single word. This was the first time she had addressed Zen.

"Floating Feather Technique? No, I'm using another movement technique."

As he drew closer and closer, Zen stretched out his hand towards the small bell!

The woman's waist gently twisted, and the bell rang again. After avoiding Zen's grabbing hand, the snow between the heaven and earth suddenly increased in size, becoming incomparably huge. A single snowflake had suddenly become the size of a washbasin! The giant snowflakes condensed together and formed into a massive hailstone, which quickly plummeted down like a giant boulder. And for a time, the entire world was filled with the crisp sounds of cracking and splitting ice.

Zen and the woman both circulated their movement technique and were able to safely avoid the hail. However, because of the hail's disturbance, there was a reintroduction of energy and force between Zen and the woman. As a result, Zen was unable to get close to the woman.

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