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   Chapter 1616 Corridors

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The thin bolt of lightning struck down like spring thunders, causing the Hall of Causality to begin to reconstruct.

Large amounts of fragments emerged from all the stone pillars. These fragments seemed to know exactly where to fit in and were continuously combining and reorganizing with each other.

Roofs, girders, eaves, walls, doors and floors were gradually formed.

A great hall was being built by an invisible force. Not long after, a magnificent hall appeared before everyone. They were now standing within a round-shaped hall where six corridors were built.

"Six passages?"

"In other words... Does this mean that the six of us have to go separately?"

"Doesn't the Hall of Causality require division of labor and cooperation?"

No one knew why the Hall of Causality was arranged this way so they stared at each other with confused looks.

They knew however that if they wanted to pass the Hall of Causality, they had to follow the rules. If the Hall of Causality really wanted to separate them, they would have no other choice but to comply.


At this moment, the doors of each corridor began to glow in a shiny blue light.

The lightning bolts began to converge and words could be read. Each door had the name of one of the warriors inscribed in it.

Janet Ji, Jeffrey Jin, Hailey, Coleman, Ansel and Zen Luo.

"Zen Luo?!"

Everyone was stunned when they saw this name inscribed in one of the doors.

They then turned to look at Zen at the same time.

From the six people only Thad had the surname Luo, but the name Thad Luo was not in any corridor. This was the only name that was missing.

"I told you! Thad Luo is definitely a fake name!" Janet's eyes flickered as she looked at Zen with a smile. "I just didn't know that Thad is the famous Zen Luo!"

Zen had already become a legend among the younger generation.

Regardless of his strength, his stories had spread throughout the supreme worlds. People had heard the stories so many times that they could re-tell all of them with all the details.

Even the most ignorant and ill-informed martial artists would have heard of Zen.

After all, there was someone in the universe who would tell stories every once in a while using the Roar Token. Everyone had to listen to him whether they wanted to or not. These stories were interesting and made many people obsessed. These people would have to wait for several months until they could get the ending of a story because the storyteller always left them in suspense. His closing line at the of each session was always "To what happened thereafter, that will be disclosed next time.".

After killing the four Supreme Lords, this was how Zen had passed his days in the past six years. The trillions of lives in the universe had also passed their time under the baptism of his "voice".

Janet, Jeffrey, Hailey and the others were no exception.

"You... are you really Ze

ridor next to him. Janet's name was on that corridor which meant that this corridor was for Janet to enter.

The moment Zen tried to walk into the long corridor, an irresistible force stopped him from entering.

Zen didn't force it. This was the Hall of Causality. Since he was not allowed to enter, then he would not forcefully break in.

Everyone knew that they would have to finish the rest of the journey by themselves. After making some preparations, they all entered their respective corridors.

Among them, Coleman was the one who looked the most depressed.

He hadn't done anything along the way. He just followed everyone else here. He relied on all the others to get here.

From now on he would have to rely on himself. He was not feeling sure about this and had no confidence in his eyes. He entered into his own corridor with a long and worried face.

Zen also took a step forward after taking a glance at the long corridor in front of him to enter.

This corridor was very wide, so wide that a carriage could enter and rush through it without problem.

Walking on the soft carpet gave Zen the illusion that the fifth Hall of Causality wasn't difficult to go through.

After walking several dozen feet, Zen suddenly stopped.

A torch was hanging up on the wall in front of him. The flame was burning brightly as it illuminated the corridor he was in.

Zen felt that something weird was burning in the flames.

"There seems to be a powerful soul within the flames!" Zen muttered as he stared at the torch.

Zen had no idea how strong this soul was. If it was able to cause pressure on Zen's soul, the strength of this soul would be unimaginable.

'Is this the test? Should I do something about it or just ignore it?' Zen thought.

Zen decided to ignore the flames and planned to go around it.

However, just as he was passing the torch, a strange pressure suddenly burst out from the torch and enveloped Zen.

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