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   Chapter 1615 The Door Closed

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There were many powerhouses hiding inside the main city.

After seeing this scene, they went deeper into hiding.

The method Margaret had used to kill the ace talent had alarmed the other ace talents in the city.

They had secretly investigated her background and found out that she came from the Purple Power World and possessed an extremely rare first-rank Purple Power Body.

That long-haired youth had been ranked 74th in the Illusion Battlefield. After being killed by Margaret, half of the massive amount of Illusion Points within his body had been taken by her. Therefore, her ranking had skyrocketed.

From a bit below the 100th, she rose all the way up to the 64th rank.

The top 100 martial artists always attracted wide attention throughout the universe.

The news of Margaret's new rank soon spread to the Purple Power World, causing a loud round of cheers and applause to erupt from the Apeiron Tower.

"Margaret has entered the top 100!"

"The top 100 martial artists are the ace talents from the various clans. Margaret has really lived up to everyone's expectations!"

"She boasts a first-rank Purple Power Body, and she can almost be called the leader of the Purple Power World. It is not surprising that she has gotten into the top 100."

99% of the martial artists who were qualified to join the Purple Power World possessed Purple Power Bodies, but the disparity between the power of the Purple Power Bodies was extremely great.

A few years ago, the martial artists in the Apeiron Tower had welcomed a junior.

As a matter of fact, Margaret's seniority was incomparably high in the tower. After all, she had directly taken Elder Apeiron as her master, so she was two or even three ranks higher than most of the disciples in the tower.

However, she was young in age, so the others treated her as a junior.

Before she had left for the Illusion Battlefield, however, quite a few people had been extremely worried about her.

Although her strength and talent were extraordinary, she was innocent and artless, and didn't know much about the world. In the Illusion Battlefield, she would likely suffer many setbacks. After all, when martial artists fought, many times it would not be a contest of strength, but of wisdom and tricks.

"Margaret is always talking about that man."

"I wonder if she will be able to see him in the Illusion Battlefield."

"I'm afraid it's going to be a bit difficult. Margaret is outstanding, but that man is from the Lower World. I'm afraid he will be eliminated soon. How could she possibly meet him?"

Just as everyone was discussing this, a tall woman appeared. She was also a disciple of Elder Apeiron, and she was Margaret's legitimate senior.

"Eliminate? Margaret is an ace talent. How could her man be eliminated?" the woman asked, disagreeing with all of

und of a heavy door closing.

The warriors immediately turned around in surprise. There was no door between the two pillars, so where had this sound come from?

Hailey's brows slightly furrowed in thought. Taking light steps, she charged toward the space between the two pillars and reached out with her hands.

"The door is closed," she said softly.

Curiosity appeared on all their faces. They all walked back and reached out their hands like Hailey.

Sure enough, they found an invisible door between these two pillars.

"Since the door is closed, we will continue to move forward. I assume that none of you wants to leave, right?" Zen said with a faint smile.

They had fought very hard to finally reach this place, so naturally, none of them would be willing to give up. From the second to the fourth halls, they had received an astonishing number of Illusion Points. What would the fifth hall bring them?

"Meow," the flame kitten in Janet's arms whimpered lightly. Janet laughed and said, "Look, Flame agrees. Let's keep going."

Women were creatures of emotion. In just a short period of time, Janet had already given the flame kitten a name: Flame.

On the other hand, the Ancestral Dragon had followed Zen for a long time, yet he still hadn't given it a name. In fact, he had never even thought about giving it a name.

Janet didn't have a contractual beast, so she didn't have a spirit beast bag with her. Now, she could only hold the flame kitten in her arms.

Just as she finished her words, a thin bolt of lightning suddenly descended from the sky above the mountain peak. The lightning extended all the way down and wrapped itself around a stone pillar.

Just as the lightning struck the stone pillar, countless fragments began to appear at the top of the pillar. They constantly regrouped around the pillar and soon, a small portion of the roof appeared.

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