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   Chapter 1614 Depressed Margaret

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With all warriors plundering Illusion Points from others, the entire Illusion Battlefield had now reached the white-hot stage!

The expert martial artists knew that the best way to plunder Illusion Points was to enter the Hall of Causality.

But entering the Hall of Causality was no cake walk.

First of all, one had to get an iron ticket, which was quite a task!

Secondly, one had to pay a whopping five million Illusion Points.

Regardless of the former or the latter conditions, an ordinary martial artist could never achieve either.

The iron tickets needed to be obtained from a secret land deep in the wilderness, and navigating these secret lands, where unknown dangers lurked, was no easy feat.

And the same went for the five million Illusion Points. After all, how many people in the main cities could accumulate so many points?

Meanwhile, in the Illusion Battlefield in a main city of a supreme world, a gate appeared in the center of the city from which a blinding silver light shone. Nine martial artists sauntered out from this gate of light.

The moment the other martial artists laid eyes on these nine martial artists, they were awestruck! They all knew that these were the true masters!

After the martial artists had passed through the Hall of Causality, they would be transported to a particular main city. This city was often located in the center of the supreme world!

This rule was made deliberately in the Illusion Battlefield to sift out the best warriors.

Martial artists who passed the trial of the Hall of Causality and came out alive ranked in the top 50 of this supreme world.

After departing the Hall of Causality, the masters would gather in the central main city. There was a high chance that there would be an even more intense collision there!

Of the ten people who entered the Hall of Causality at the same time, only one had perished. The strength of these mavens was truly astonishing.

"How boring! I didn't expect the reward for the fifth Hall of Causality to be this..." The leader, a long-haired man, shook his head and complained arrogantly.

"Ha-ha. I am actually interested in obtaining a treasure from the Illusion Battlefield. There are some extremely precious treasures here!" said another bald warrior with a chuckle. He had obtained a Revival Token in a secret land within the Illusion Battlefield! This token gave the power to revive once to the one in possession of it.

He hadn't perished during his expedition in the Hall of Causality, so he naturally had not used the Revival Token.

But the entire Illusion Battlefield was just a projection created by the heavens! If he didn't use the Revival Token, it would be wasted because it could not be taken out of the Illusion Battlefield.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that the reward for the fifth Hall of Causality would be a treasure that he could take with him!

Naturally, he chose the Revival


"Killing people is the most desirable thing for a warrior. This main city is the gateway to the Hall of Causality, so a lot of powerful people must have gathered here. How about I accompany you out of the city to slay someone?" asked the long-haired youth with a smile.

A warrior who could pass through the Hall of Causality was either an ace talent, or an existence that was only second to an ace talent, like a direct descendant of a grand world lord or a Supreme Lord. But this long-haired youth didn't care at all. When his arrogant words reached the city, it attracted the attention of many martial artists. After all, this main city was different from other main cities. It was the place where super talents convened.

Margaret tilted her head and contemplated his offer. "Alright, but when we leave the city, I'll kill you first," she said in a flat tone, looking at the long-haired youth blankly.

He chuckled, "You must be joking! If you want to spar with me, then I can arrange that!"

Margaret did not say a word and walked straight towards the city gate, thinking that the 50 supreme worlds of the Illusion Battlefield might have to join hands sooner or later. Otherwise, the talents scattered throughout the 50 supreme worlds would not be able to compete for the top positions, so it would be better for her to raise her ranking a bit more. If she was in the front row, she might eventually be able to meet Zen.

She just didn't know his current ranking.

After five minutes, a lightning-like sword flashed outside the main city.

This was accompanied by the agonized cries of the long-haired martial artist. He had been killed by Margaret and sent back to the main city to be revived.

As the long-haired martial artist was enveloped by the light curtain, he pondered bitterly: The mild, weak and bookish woman was escorted through the Hall of Causality by him.

He couldn't fathom how she could possess such terrifying strength.

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