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   Chapter 1613 Flame Bees

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The moment Janet jumped off the Lava Giant's head, the two Lava Giants collided violently with each other.

As a loud bang resounded behind her, Janet jumped into the air and landed steadily on the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

Seeing this, Zen breathed a sigh of relief.

Even though Janet had been in a critical situation, she had still chosen to take the risk of releasing the flame kitten first. So naturally, the other warriors had all been worried to death about her.

If she had been just a little slower, she would have missed the chance to escape.

"Move to the top of the mountain!"

Just as Janet steadied herself on the mountain, she heard Zen instructing them in a nervous voice.

At the same time, the two Lava Giants both lost their balance from the force of the impact and crashed into the lava lake.

Their huge bodies disrupted the lava in the lake, forming towering waves that were several hundred feet high and spread out quickly in all directions.

"Move! Move!"

"Hurry up!"

Coleman was the first to move. Jeffrey, Hailey, and Janet followed closely behind him.

However, they were still in great danger. If the lava overflowed from the lake and reached the mountain, they would have nowhere to run.

Coleman, who always performed best in times of danger, quickly climbed up the mountain with the agility of an ape while continuously releasing the forceful energy within his body and soon arrived at the top of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain. From there, he leaped over a distance of three thousand feet and fell onto the other side of the lake.


As soon as he landed on the shore, he immediately took to his heels. The waves of lava spread in all directions, not only toward the Magnetic Sacred Mountain but also toward the shore.

Zen, who had originally been standing on the shore, had no choice but to retreat in order to avoid the waves of lava.

Unfortunately, Janet and the rest had lost the chance to jump to the shore. Now that the waves of lava had flooded the shore, they would most probably plunge headfirst into the lava if they tried to jump now.

Their only option right now was to stay on the summit of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain and wait for the waves to withdraw back into the lake.

Their pulses raced as the splash approached and the waves of lava surged along the mountainside.

Their faces darkened as they helplessly watched the waves getting closer and closer.

They were already at the very top of the mountain. If the waves of lava came up to them, they would have nowhere to escape to.

150 feet...

100 feet...

50 feet...

Huddling at the mountaintop, they watched in horror as the lava surged quickly toward them.

Finally, when it was only 10 feet away from the top of the mountain, the lava stopped. Like the tide going out, the surface of the lava gradually fell lower and lower.

"We made it through somehow." Janet sighed in relief.

They all looked a lot more relaxed now that they were


Even Coleman, who had been hiding behind them, immediately rushed toward the bees when he heard the truth.

Everyone followed Zen's lead and used different methods to kill as many flame bees as possible.

These flame bees were indeed the reward for passing this Hall of Causality. Although they swarmed over everyone like a cloud, they didn't show any intention of attacking but rather simply floated around in the air and allowed themselves to be killed by the warriors. Although they were extremely simple to kill, they contained an immense number of Illusion Points — over ten thousand Illusion Points each! That meant that by killing one thousand bees, a warrior could acquire more than ten million Illusion Points!

Although it was very difficult to pass through the Hall of Causality, the reward for the winners was extremely great.

Finally, Zen killed about 800 flame bees and obtained over eight million Illusion Points, so his gain here was actually less than what he had obtained in the second Hall of Causality.

Of course, this was an unfair comparison. In the second Hall of Causality, most warriors could only get one or two million Illusion Points, while those with more powerful strength could get three or four million. Zen, who had obtained ten million Illusion Points there, was undoubtedly an exception.

Here, besides Zen, the other warriors also had good harvests. Janet killed more than 700 flame bees, while Jeffrey and the rest killed an average of 600 bees each.

After receiving the rewards, they continued on their journey. They passed through the hall and continued to climb up the mountain.

Janet had said that there were five tests in total in the Hall of Causality, but this was only her deduction. She didn't know what would actually be waiting for them at the peak of the mountain. Still, everyone was looking forward to it and moved at their full speed. After all, this was probably the last test they would take in the Hall of Causality.

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