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   Chapter 1612 Leap

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They were so close to the other side but the previously knocked-down Lava Giant had now gotten up and was following them again!

The creature might be gigantic but it wasn't slow. If it caught up to them, then the Lava Giant currently carrying them would tumble into the lava.

"Thump, thump, thump..."

The pursuing giant's thumping footsteps made everyone's hearts lurch to their throats.

Jeffrey raised the Buddha Curse Blade parallel to his eye as he tried to measure the distance between them and the shore.

A wry smile was on his face as he put the sword down.

"We're only 6, 000 feet away from the shore! It's close but not close enough for us to jump over."

A high-levelled warrior had the ability to fly in the air.

Unfortunately, flying was prohibited in the Hall of Causality. That ability would've made things a thousand times easier if it had been allowed. Nonetheless, jumping was still permitted and a Soul Sea Realm warrior's leap was no small matter.

A single jump would mean crossing over 2, 000 feet of distance. A higher vantage point on top of the Lava Giant's head also gave them a bit more advantage.

However, a total of 6, 000 feet was too much.

Furthermore, they only had one chance to make it to shore. Falling into the lava would mean instant elimination.

"Coleman, can you jump over?" Ansel asked.

Ogres mainly cultivated the body refining technique, but the explosive power of their forceful energy was much greater. Combining the two, Coleman was surely someone who could jump longer than the average warrior.

Coleman took a quick calculative glance towards the other side and bitterly shook his head. "I can't!"

His answer worried everyone greatly. They were so close to the other side. Was it all going to be for nothing? No! They refused to believe that!

"Can you all jump a distance of 3, 000 feet?" Zen suddenly asked.

Jeffrey's eyes flashed. "That should be the limit."

"I can," Hailey answered.

Janet nodded. "If I go all out, I think I can make it... Why do you ask?"

Zen turned and saw the Lava Giant inching its way closer to them. With no time to explain, he simply turned to his team members. "When I say the word, you guys jump to the left!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Zen walked to the side of the Lava Giant's head and squatted down.

As he was squatting, Zen began to draw out the power of the dragon scales, and directed it all the way to his

ve power and Jeffrey's elegant gliding but their basic body skills still proved to be effective in crossing great distances.

Seeing her team members make it to the mountain, Janet put away the Lofty Wood in her hand. The Frosty Cage on top of it melted and the branches of the wood started to shrink until they disappeared without a trace. It was now as long as half her arm and quickly drilled into her palm.

Now out of the Frosty Cage, the previously imprisoned flame kitten had regained its freedom.


It looked frightened but it didn't run away. Instead, it stood in its spot, shivering.

"Jump into the lava now. This place is no longer safe," Janet told the kitten.

However, the kitten merely stood there and looked at Janet with wide, pitiful eyes.

Janet frowned and reached out for it...

The flame kitten was a Law Creature created by the flames. Anyone who touched it was sure to be burnt.

However, this kitten had been imprisoned in the Frosty Cage for so long and had cold air blown at it by Zen and the others. Its body had completely lost its luster. Janet also used the life vitality to protect her skin, so it was only partly scalding when she touched the kitten.

"Be free!"

she cried out as she threw the kitten away from the Lava Giant.

The lava was dangerous to them but it was home for this flame kitten.

"Janet! Jump!"

"Hurry up Janet!"

Janet nodded and drew out a stream of life vitality. She quickly launched herself and jumped into the air like a nimble skylark.


She crossed through the air and made her way towards the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

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