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   Chapter 1611 A Disaster To All

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The air was scorching hot as the two Lava Giants clashed with each other in close combat, competing for the flame kitten.

It was a contest of pure strength, and the two Lava Giants displayed their shockingly powerful attacks to the maximum.


One Lava Giant forcefully punched the other one's chest!

The impact of the collision was immensely palpable that all of them felt dizzy. Everyone looked like small bugs that clung tightly on top of the Lava Giant's head.

Coleman tightly grasped onto a crack in a stone. Even if the power of the flames within the stone was burning hot and unbearable, he couldn't help but want to squeeze his whole body inside it. For him, it was a better fate than to be thrown into the lava lake.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Hailey each held on to a stone pillar for dear life, as if it was the last life-saving thing in the world.

As for Janet, she held the slender Lofty Wood in one hand. Since she didn't want the flame kitten to be involved in the brawl, she could only use one hand to hold on to something to prevent herself from falling.

However, the unexpectedly strong impact from the collision made her lose her balance. She lost her grasp and fell backward!


Janet's eyes were full of fear, but her other hand still held tightly on the Lofty Wood.

Jeffrey, Hailey, and the rest of them were all panicked at the scene!

At that exact moment, Zen slid along the Lava Giant's head as his body quickly maneuvered to grab Janet's arm, and delivered a downward punch at the same time!

He made sure to deliver a punch with the power of 20, 000 dragon scales!

He then fixed his fist directly on top of the Lava Giant's head, to lock himself in place while his other hand grasped Janet by her arm.

Of course, his punch didn't damage the Lava Giant since it was so huge, that Zen's attack felt like a mere mosquito bite to it.

"That was so close!" Janet sighed as her chest heaved up and down in heavy breathing, still in shock. She had her one hand grabbed by Zen, but she still lifted the Frosty Cage high up with the other hand. She didn't want the little flame kitten to die because of her…

"But the situation doesn't seem to look good," Zen said as he lay flat on the top of the Lava Giant's head while he watched the fierce battle between the two enormous beings.

While he was indeed pleased earlier when he thought he had a brilliant idea to help all of them pass through the lava lake, he didn't expect the flame kitten to attract another Lava Giant…


on the line when they stayed on the Lava Giant's head. If they weren't careful, they might really end up dead like crushed bugs.

Now that the Lava Giant had defeated its opponent, Zen immediately brought Janet back to the top of the Lava Giant's head. She once again threw out the impossibly long piece of Lofty Wood and started to swing it back and forth in front of the Lava Giant!


On the other hand, the little flame kitten still looked innocent as ever. It had no idea what had happened.

After the Lava Giant saw the little flame kitten, it returned to the planned path as expected. It continued to chase after the tiny creature and once again, carried the group across the lava lake.

This time, Janet had learned the lesson. She tried to hide it as much as possible as she controlled the Lofty Wood. She had to do it secretly to prevent attracting the other Lava Giants on the side of the lava lake. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to escape if more Lava Giants came!

Not long after…

Everyone finally saw the other side of the lava lake.

All of them looked overjoyed. Had they just really passed the unconquerable fourth Hall of Causality?

Janet's lips curved up slightly. It could be said that the Lofty Wood in her hand had contributed a lot to their success, even if she had only used it as a fishing rod.

At that point, everyone had felt a slight tremor beneath their feet as heavy footsteps echoed behind them.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

After they heard the sounds, everyone turned their heads to look in the direction where they came from.

The Lava Giant that had previously fallen into the lake was now charging towards them at a flashing speed!

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