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   Chapter 1610 Battle Between Two Giants

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the little flame kitten whimpered pitifully in the Frosty Cage.

"Don't be afraid, this big guy can't even eat you!"

Standing on top of the Lava Giant's head, Janet sweetly comforted the flame kitten.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Soon after, Hailey and Jeffrey jumped onto the Lava Giant's head as well.

"Don't eat me!"

Coleman roared as he followed suit and jumped onto the head.

Right at that moment, the Lava Giant suddenly cried out. A powerful force of suction suddenly erupted from its large mouth.

Two warriors stood on its shoulders—one was Ansel from the Night Group while the other was Ran Li, a human.

Before they could even jump, they were suddenly pulled toward the Lava Giant's mouth.


The human warrior leapt with all his might, unable to avoid the vacuum-like force. He couldn't help but scream in terror as his body was pulled down the Lava Giant's throat.

Meanwhile, Ansel didn't jump high, but instead rolled over the shoulder of the Lava Giant, rolling towards its neck, effectively avoiding the attack.

"Another one has died!"

Though they had only just managed to enter the fourth Hall of Causality, they lost another warrior, leaving them with only six.

It was just as Janet said—the more people in the Hall of Causality, the better. Only by working together could people hope to pass the increasingly difficult trials. Still, the death of some was unavoidable.

Ansel vigilantly rolled onto the Lava Giant's neck, quickly climbing up the left side of its face, joining Zen and the others.


The Lava Giant tried shaking its head but the top of its head was spacious—even if its head was tilted, it would still be very difficult to get a warrior off of it.

"What do we do now?" Coleman asked in urgency.

While the top of the Lava Giant's head was wide open, it definitely wasn't a place one could rest easily. Its two arms were ready to start swinging toward the top of its head.

As Zen gazed into the distance, he tried to come up with something quick.

There was more than one Lava Giant in the magma lake. From where he stood, he could see over ten Lava Giants standing side by side in the lake.

Originally Zen wanted to use the flame kitten to lure the Lava Giants in one by one, using them as bridges so that they could all make it to the other side.

But he soon realized that the Lava Giants would make that too difficult a plan to materialize.

If one wasn't c

rest easy, the tables were turned.

Earlier, the other Lava Giants hadn't reacted at all as they passed through. But one Lava Giant seemed to finally notice the flame kitten in the air and decided to walk over.

"What's going on?" It was a shock, even for Zen. Attracting one Lava Giant worked well enough for them, but attracting the other Lava Giants would only bring them trouble.

"I don't know. Perhaps that Lava Giant spotted my little flame kitten," Janet said with a frown as she gripped harder around the Lofty Wood.

"There are quite a few of these things in the magma lake. Go find something else!" Jeffrey called out to the other Lava Giant, looking sullen.

But if the Lava Giant was intelligent enough to understand their words, they wouldn't be in such trouble. After the Lava Giants found the kitten, they would immediately try to catch and swallow it. From a certain perspective, such was also a rule in the Hall of Causality.

The other Lava Giant took a step forward and pounced at the kitten hung in the air.

This enraged the Lava Giant beneath Zen's feet. Instead of going for the kitten, it brandished its two giant fists and rammed them into the other Lava Giant.

A fight between such huge monsters was like two mountains crashing into each other.

"Everyone, get down!"


The tremors brought Zen and the others down to the scalp of the Lava Giant's head. Grabbing a few protruding stone pillars or cracks on top of its head was their only security from being thrown off because of the vibrations.

They were right in the middle of the magma lake—if anyone fell, they'd completely burn.

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