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   Chapter 1609 Running Ants

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The Lava Giant's fist was the size of a palace.

Even as Coleman was up ten feet high, compared to the huge fist, he was an ant.

The power in the Lava Giant's punch was completely oppressive—it was likely that even with a light strike, anyone would be shattered to pieces. Even Zen's divine weapon body was no exception.

Such kind of Law Creatures were strong enough to contend against the Spirit Transformation Realm warriors, and even world lords.

The Lava Giants being assigned to the fourth Hall of Causality was proof of the terrifying difficulty of the fourth Hall of Causality.

But because of this, everyone wanted to conquer this fourth hall even more. With such difficulty, the reward for passing it must be extraordinary.

The only hope they had to pass through this hall was that the Lava Giant wasn't particularly intelligent. If it had the smarts of a regular adult, it would be near impossible to pass through the Hall of Causality even if there were seven hundred warriors there.

Still, their actions were undoubtedly crazy and risky.

People didn't truly die in the Illusion Battlefield, after all, so everyone could make as huge a gamble as they needed to.


As the fist came crashing down, it was as if the ground had just been struck by an earthquake of high magnitudes. The solid ground surged forth like a wave.

It wasn't just that the ground was shaking—the entire cave, the entire Hall of Causality, and even the entire majestic mountain was vibrating.

"What powerful strength… Even the full force of my dragon scales is inferior to this Lava Giant."

Zen's confidence in his own strength came from the cyan dragon, but he hadn't fully activated the power of the dragon scales. The Lava Giant in the Hall of Causality could fight against a world lord with its full power far exceeding that of the latter.

Under such force, it was only the heavens' restrictions that kept the cave from collapsing even as it fiercely shook.

In the nick of time, Janet retracted the Lofty Wood and placed a hand atop the Frosty Cage—she could feel the flame kitten trembling.

Without any hesitation, Janet quickly retreated with her feet crossed left and right, her soft waist twisting like a snake, her toes flashing with a green light. After the light flashed, grass quickly grew from the ground, leaving a bright green path in her wake.

Such was her clan's unique technique—Deer Steps.

. With a cry of pain, he pulled his head out of the crack with much force. By then, half of his brown whip-like hair was already burnt to a crisp


Right then, the Lava Giant's left hand had already made it to the top of its right arm. Under its powerful strike, countless stone fragments scattered from its arm. Under such immense pressure, some of the fragments shot out like concealed weapons, producing a sharp, whistling sound in the air.

Drip! Drip! Drip!

Most of the stone chips fell into the magma below!

"Go! Keep moving forward," Zen called out.

None of them stopped—they had to use this Lava Giant as a bridge to get them across the magma lake.

Luckily, the Lava Giant didn't manage to land a hit on Janet. With a twist of its huge head, it opened its mouth and bit at the crowd on its shoulder. It seemed like that it was going to swallow all the warriors in one go. However, it actually had only one target, the little flame kitten in Janet's hand.


The Lava Giant's mouth was a thousand feet wide—it was a gigantic cave with an unfathomable bottom when it was opened. Looking into the mouth, one could see the light of fire reflected off the throat. The Lava Giant's stomach was probably filled with lava as well.

"Everyone jump up again, don't get swallowed!"

When Zen saw the large mouth make its move, he took the lead and leapt right onto the Lava Giant's head.

Janet then inserted the end of the Lofty Wood into the ground to let it start growing rapidly.

Grabbing the other end of the Lofty Wood, Janet was pushed by it, with the Frosty Cage in her hand.

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