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   Chapter 1608 Bait

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The Frosty Cage made from the Lofty Wood opened up like the cavernous mouth of a monster and swallowed the flame kitten.

At the same time, Zen stopped and turned back to see if his plan had worked.

Everyone nervously stared at the Frosty Cage.


the little flame kitten let out a mournful cry. It crashed around in the cage and tried desperately to break free from it.

At this moment, Janet wore a solemn expression on her face.

The Lofty Wood had completely fused with her, so she had to continuously control it and maintain it to form and sustain the cage. At the same time, she also had to delve into her supply of life vitality and turn the cage into ice, in order to weaken the Fire Law's power around the flame kitten's body.

According to the determining characteristics of the five elements, the power of Fire Law was supposed to overcome the power of Wood Law. However, the Lofty Wood was an extraordinary substance, and it wasn't affected by the fire at all.

However, the flame kitten was a Law Creature, which had been born from the lava, and it was exceptionally powerful. Even with Janet's current strength, it was extremely difficult for her to imprison the creature, and it threatened to break free!


Due to the flame kitten's violent struggle, the Frosty Cage was constantly being deformed, but it didn't break apart. After all, it had been formed from the Lofty Wood, which was a branch of the legendary Lofty Tree, and it was known for its great resilience. No matter how hard the flame kitten struggled, it failed to break the cage.

However, the pressure that Janet had to endure grew greater and greater. Her face paled from exhaustion because of the arduous task, which added to her fragile beauty.

However, the little flame kitten remained full of energy, as it continued to struggle more and more violently within the confines of the cage.

With a flip of her hand, Janet swiftly took out a life vitality jade and crushed it to absorb the life vitality within it. In this short time span, most of the life vitality within her body had already been consumed! She was growing weaker, while the flame kitten remained fearsome.

She hadn't expected that the amount of life vitality which she consumed to bind this little flame kitten would be so massive. It was far greater than what was required for a battle!

Seeing her titanic struggle, Zen quickly waved his hand and drew out a strand of chaotic energy from within his body. He transformed this into a burst of cold energy and ordered it to quickly bind with the flame kitten in the cage.

Other warriors who had grasped the Ice Law also followed his example in a bid to help Janet tame the little flame kitten.


Under their continuous attacks using the Ice Law, the flame kitten's movements grew lethargic and became slower and slower, and its shrill cries gradually died down. The flames on its body were rapidly being snuffed out, and its beautiful fur, which was formed by fire, also became lackluster and matted.

After a while, the flame kitten finally stopped struggling altogether, and it quietly lay down within the Frosty Cage.

"We did it!"

Janet sighed with relief as she raised

ets of lava dripped from its fiery form.


A loud sound rumbled and reverberated around the cave, as the ground shook violently. Zen and the others momentarily struggled to find firm footing as the Lava Giant began its ponderous advance.

The moment the Lava Giant had lifted its leg, lava had gathered at its feet to form a whirlpool, and once it took a step forward, its leg pierced through the blackened surface of the lava lake and caused waves of red hot lava to spread out quickly.

This lava was different from normal lava. In normal volcanic craters, the lava was very thick and had a dark red color.

However, the lava in this lake contained the rich power of both the Earth Law and Fire Law. It had a bright red color and it was not thick and sludgy, like normal lava; instead, it spread out at an extremely fast speed like water.


When Zen and the others saw this new danger heading towards them, they realized that the lava posed as great a threat as the Lava Giant, and they all quickly retreated towards the back of the cave.

No one wanted to come into contact with the swiftly advancing waves of lava, and even Zen was fully alert at this moment.

If this special lava could have refined his body and helped him improve, he would have been very willing to bathe in it. However, under these urgent circumstances, he wouldn't be so reckless as to accept the baptism of fire!


Janet also scrambled a retreat while she continued withdrawing the cage and the kitten at the same time.

Although the Lava Giant was enormous and seemed to be moving at a snail's pace, its speed was in reality not slow. Every step it took covered a distance of more than 5000 feet! It took a long time for the giant to complete one stride, but it was gaining on them with the sheer breadth of its strides.

At the same time, its giant arm swung forward, covering several thousand feet, and the group had to dodge a shower of molten lava that rained down amidst them, as it dripped off the giant. The Lava Giant smashed down heavily towards the little flame kitten who was fearfully screaming in the Frosty Cage!

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