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   Chapter 1607 Frosty Cage

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These flame kittens were quite not big. But since they were born in the middle of this lava lake, they were considered as terrifying Law Creatures. The power those flame kittens had must be incredibly extraordinary.

Otherwise, how could the Lava Giant take these flame kittens as its food?

Some said that the little flame kitten was primarily a by-product of the Lava Giant. But the reason for having it shaped into a cat form was still unknown.

Zen claimed that it was indeed a good idea to use these flame kittens to attract the Lava Giants' attention.

But it looked like that dealing with these flame kittens was not like a piece of cake!

Not far away from the magma lake, there was an emission of small ripples creating magma bubbles. Once a magma bubble appeared on the surface, it automatically opened up, revealing a little flame kitten as it popped out. It looked so adorable when it let out a soft purring sound!

Zen and the others could only stare openly at the flame kittens.

They all realized that it was indeed troublesome to capture the little flame kitten before using it to attract the Lava Giant.

But since this was the fourth Hall of Causality, such a challenge was too quite common.

"I can try, but I can't guarantee success," Janet broke the silence, as she indifferently stared at the little flame kitten. And with a graceful flip of her hand, a divine wood materialized in her palm.

Although she majored in the Wood Law, she was also skillfully proficient in the Ice Law.

The divine wood kept twisting and turning in a mesmerizing motion until a layer of frost gradually covered its branches, like magic!

"The Lofty Wood is all-powerful. It can turn into a fire and ice."

This time when Janet decided to step into the Illusion Battlefield, she dismissed the notion of bringing along any supreme divine weapon from her clan with her.

It wasn't that her clan didn't own any supreme divine weapon, but that Janet didn't need one.

Her body was equipped with a piece of wood that served as her weapon. And its grade was comparable to a supreme divine weapon.

That piece of wood was called the Lofty Wood.

They said that there was a tree resembling an ox. Its skin looked like tassels or a yellow snake that could be drawn out with so much ease.

The leaves of this tree were like nets. It also grew yellow flowers with four petals, flourishing in large terminal panicles. During autumn, its fruits that were similar to a three-part inflated bladder-like pod ripened.

That tree was slightly heart-shaped at the base, with seven to fifteen teeth along each side, and a dark green upper surface. That was the well-known Lofty Tree.

Legend said that the universe created a towering tree named the Lofty Tree, with a divine destiny that ascended to the heavens!

That piece of the Lofty Wood was inside her body since she was born. Initially, her clan had wanted to take it out, thinking that it was an extraordinary item. It was something to be considered rare and sacred even to the Ji Clan. If that piece of wood were refined, it would be enou

With a roll, the fiery fur on its body swelled up as it let out a mournful cry at the same time.


Although Zen didn't primarily cultivate the Ice Law, all of his Original Laws had been trained all at the same time. An ice awl powered by his chaotic energy, even if it didn't contain any other profound mysteries, was still absolutely extraordinary!

However, the little flame kitten didn't dodge at all and directly crashed into the three icicles with its seemingly soft body.

Before the icicles could pierce into the flame kitten's body, they had turned into wisps of water vapor and disappeared into the dry cave in the blink of an eye!

The temper of this flame kitten was quite irritable. After the icicles disappeared, its momentum didn't diminish at all. The flames on its body burned brighter and brighter as it charged towards Zen, the culprit!


Since he had already made the arrangements, Zen's expression was calm as he began his orderly retreat.

The flame kitten, on the other hand, was visibly growing in size. The small-sized flame kitten had now turned into a flame leopard!

Seeing that scene, Janet raised her eyebrows as she pulled herself to step back. She then gently waved her finger, making the Frosty Cage on the ground to shake non-stop. Soon after, it started to grow again. Just now, the Frosty Cage that she condensed using the Lofty Wood was too small. And with the sudden increase in the size of the flame kitten, she quickly adjusted the size of the Frosty Cage.


The flame kitten viciously chased after Zen.

From afar, a man and a cat were both incredibly fast!

Within a fraction of a second later, a distance of a hundred feet was already covered by the two. Zen's figure swiftly flew past the Frosty Cage that had been transformed from the Lofty Wood!

"Now is the time!"

Janet wore a solemn expression as she extended her ten fingers. Under the connection of her mind with Lofty Wood, the Frosty Cage suddenly opened and went straight for the little flame kitten behind Zen.

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