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   Chapter 1606 Lava Giant's Food

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Stone stalagmites protruded from the cave walls.

However, these stalagmites were too far in between to be used as stepping stones towards the exit.

This fact made Zen itch with frustration.

It wasn't that difficult to solve the third hall since there were some hints. The long hooks on the side helped them figure out a part of the puzzle to move forward.

But this fourth hall wasn't really giving them any. How in the world could they get through this lava lake in front of them?

Zen looked down at the bubbling pool of molten rock, all the way to the Lava Giant.

The Lava Giant had multiple cracks on its body where flames and molten lava spurted out.

Noticing this, Zen suddenly had an idea.

"Perhaps the path is through these Lava Giants," he murmured.

Janet heard him and smiled, "I thought so too."

A mountain-sized Lava Giant stood on one side of the lake, and a couple of thousand feet behind it was another one, and then another. They were all lined up perfectly, almost like a bridge to the other side.

"But how can we ever convince them to help us cross?" Jeffrey asked.

The idea seemed crazy at first but they didn't really have any other suggestions.

Zen nodded toward the nearest one. "I'll get that big guy's attention and bring it over." He quickly took out his dark gold longbow and notched a black arrow from his quiver.

They weren't really sure if it was going to work but nobody dared stop him. Zen was too much of an asset in getting through the Hall of Causality for them to interrupt him.


The black arrow was released and shot towards the first Lava Giant.


There was quite a distance to travel and halfway towards its destination, the arrow let out an explosive sound and sped up for its second phase. It was faster and even more powerful than before.


The arrow hit its target and a black ray immediately exploded out of the Lava Giant's chest. It was too big of a target to miss.

They all held their breaths as they stared at the Lava Giant. They

ys been known to be brave warriors, who were often willing to put everything on the line for a victory. This was their greatest strength.

It was rare to see an ogre run away because of fear.

"Wait, look!" Hailey said. "The Lava Giant wasn't alarmed by Coleman's stone."

Everyone shifted their gazes and saw a large number of flame kittens appear in the lava. It wasn't the stone but these flame kittens that made the creature turn around!

"Meow! Meow!"

The Lava Giant was trying to grab them. These flame kittens were agile but only a few managed to escape the Lava Giant's grasp as its large hand scooped them out of the molten lake.

Once the creature had these kittens, it quickly shoved them into its mouth!

"Boom, boom, boom!"

The flame kittens let out terrible, shrill cries as they exploded into balls of wild, dancing flames within the Lava Giant's mouth.

Janet's eyes suddenly lit up in understanding. "These flame kittens! They must be the Lava Giants' food. They take these little things as food!"

"So what you're saying is: the only way to get these guys' attention is by relying on these little flame kittens?" Zen murmured faintly.

Janet nodded but there was a frown on her face, "The problem is, these little flame kittens aren't that easy to deal with as well. Do we have to capture them in order to attract that big guy?"

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