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   Chapter 1605 Flame Kitten

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Janet had always been something of a leader figure along the way, so everyone would always turn to her whenever they entered a new hall.

After all, she was the only one who was somewhat familiar with the Halls of Causality--but now, all who were present clearly understood that the man named Thad was their true leader.

Meanwhile, Zen stared at the mountain-sized giant for a long while with a frown. The rest of them just gazed at him too, and wondered what his next plan of action was.

He scratched his head and let out an exasperated sigh. "What is this thing?" he asked.

Janet who stood next to him couldn't help but look at him helplessly. She didn't expect that Zen did not even know what a Lava Giant was.

Even Jeffrey, Hailey, and the others all looked at Zen the same.

Only Coleman was oblivious to what had transpired. He stared at the Lava Giant and muttered, "This thing seems to be stronger than I am!"

"This Lava Giant is a Law Creature, created by Original Laws. It contains the Earth Law and the Fire Law. Such a massive Lava Giant would probably need the sixth layer of the Fire Law's power to be born," Janet said lightly.

It was known that Law Creatures were quite common.

For instance, a thunder spirit was born from dense thunders, while immortal flames conceived a fiery evil spirit.

However, those were all low level Law Creatures.

Generally speaking, higher level Law Creatures required a higher level energy of Original Laws to be slowly nurtured.

For example, the golden wind blades that emerged from the storm Zen previously encountered in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. They were all higher level creatures of the Wind Law.

There was silence in the air at that moment as everyone tried to look for ways to pass through the magma lake.

Coleman's burly figure passed through and walked two laps around the edge of the magma lake. He suddenly noticed that the surface of the lake started to fluctuate and emit fiery red ripples.

"What's that?" Coleman exclaimed. He stared at the red ripple, and then his face twisted into a strange expression.


Small bubbles of lava appeared within the magma lake, and then spirals of fire danced in the air when they burst open. Once the

riginal Laws should be around the sixth layer.

"Who cares which layer it is! That doesn't matter. What matters most now is how we are about to pass this lake," Coleman said. He stared at the large magma lake and remembered the kitten's power, which made him shudder.

There were no bridges or ropes above the magma lake, since it was a dead-end place.

Furthermore, it wasn't just ordinary magma. A Soul Sea Realm warrior was supposedly strong enough to swim directly in ordinary volcanic magma, which could never break the defense of the warriors' life vitality?

However, it could be said that the power of the Fire Law in the magma lake was something they couldn't even resist.

That was the rule of this Hall of Causality. In general, every hall had their own different rules, which couldn't be broken no matter how hard they tried to. The only exception was when Zen had used the small skull to stop the giant square rock to turn over, but that was also because the skulls on Zen's back contained power that was almost comparable to the laws of the heavens. It was why the small skull was able to resist the huge rock and not get crushed. Moreover, the power in the small skull could even go against the heavens' rules in the rock.

Zen felt the intense heat transmit over to him while he stood by the lava lake, which made him retreat a few steps. He sighed wistfully as his eyes constantly scanned the cave's surroundings, trying to search the effective way out of the lava lake.

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