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   Chapter 1604 Margaret's Ranking

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The woman in red frowned slightly and said, "It might be a coincidence…"

She and Letitia had ascended at the same time. The two of them had become quite sympathetic to each other, especially since she had discovered that Letitia was actually looking for her own husband. She had also advised Letitia to give up as there had seemed to be no hope of ever finding her husband.

Now that she suddenly heard Letitia's answer, how could she possibly believe it?

The universe was so vast, there could be many warriors with the same surname and name. The name Zen was not an uncommon name.

However, what she didn't know was that Letitia had already successfully confirmed Zen's identity.

Letitia stared at the warrior with them and said, "The story 'Killing the Snake Spirit' is a story that has spread throughout our Central Region. It relates how a man met a snake spirit at a thorny mountain and fell in love with her. However, the snake spirit could not get rid of her brutish nature and killed a lot of people. At last, the poor man had to kill the snake spirit... The story should originally have been like this, right?"

"Right!" The warrior suddenly nodded his head and looked into Letitia's eyes. He believed her words.

The story had been told by Zen through his Roaring Token. It had spread widely and was exactly the same as the story which the woman in front of him had just summarized.

This story had been told three or four years ago in the Upper World.

However, this woman had just ascended, but she already knew this story. At the very least, it showed that she and Zen came from the same Lower World.

She probably...

Actually, Letitia hadn't wanted to prove anything to them.

She was already deeply satisfied in knowing that her husband was still alive, where he was and that he was doing well.

'He is still as surprising as always!' Letitia thought as she looked up at the pyramid where countless names were floating, occasionally changing places as the warriors fought and won, or lost battles.

As for the warrior, when he heard these words, his heart began to burn with unbridled passion.

This warrior had not ascended. He didn't have any greatly significant background in the Pure Jade Sacred Place. In order to earn even basic rewards, he had been assigned to supply the Illusion Space with life vitality.

If what the woman in front of him had said was a lie, it wouldn't be a big deal. However, it seemed like there was a 50 % chance that her story was true. If it was true, then if he could somehow help the woman… For a grassroots warrior like him, this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Letitia was unaware of what the warrior in front of her was thinking, and she thought for a moment, then asked, "But why did Zen use the Roaring Token to tell stories in the universe?"

"He did it for a mysterious girl," the warrior laughed. Everyone in the universe had been able to hear the conversation between Zen and the mysterious girl, so this warrior was no exception.

"A mysterious girl?" Letitia frowned slightly and on

s could be seen writhing in it. Even standing at the entrance to the hall, one could feel the intense heat radiating from it.

"So hot! It's so scorching!" Coleman called out in a strangely panicked voice.

"The reward of the fourth Hall of Causality is generous, but the difficulty cannot be underestimated. Everyone, you have to be on your guard and show great caution!" Janet warned them.

"Regardless of the difficulty, we cannot give up now," Zen said.

As Zen's ranking rose rapidly, he bravely entered the Hall of Causality in the lead, without any hesitation. Janet, Jeffrey, and the others sized him up before following closely behind.

The floor of this Hall of Causality was covered in cracks. These cracks were only as wide as a finger, but within these cracks, red hot magma was flowing. The cracks resembled the veins of a human being, but the human blood had been replaced with the magma.

Walking gingerly over the floor, they felt like they were being roasted by the magma underneath their feet.

Although Janet, Hailey, and the others would not be injured by the magma, they still couldn't bear the heat. One by one, they unleashed their protective life vitality to protect themselves.

Zen naturally didn't need such protection, for ordinary flames wouldn't be able to harm him at all.

As they ventured deeper and deeper, the scenery of the Hall of Causality kept changing, as if they had entered a gigantic volcanic cave. The walls around them had been replaced with jagged, and irregular rocks. Through the haze caused by the intense heat, they suddenly saw a lake of magma ahead of them.

Everyone stopped in their tracks as they looked at the apparently calm magma lake. The occasional bubble softly popped on the glowing surface, and a cautious look appeared on their faces.

At the edge of this magma lake, there stood a Lava Giant as big as a mountain, entirely made of lava. Its enormous body slowly rotated within the magma. The behemoth looked down on Zen and the others with an intense and dangerous intent.

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