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   Chapter 1603 Disbelief

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Seeing Letitia's puzzled expression, the martial artist explained in a deadpan voice, "The value of the Roaring Token cannot be measured in terms of life vitality crystals. It is impossible for ordinary martial artists to buy it. If one wants to buy it, I think it will cost millions of life vitality jades at least."

"Millions of life vitality jades?" exclaimed Letitia, quite stunned at the implication of this cost.

Although Letitia had only recently ascended to the Upper World, she had heard that the sacred place required warriors to mine hundreds of life vitality jades in exchange for their freedom.

A single life vitality jade could be exchanged for over 10, 000 supreme life vitality crystals.

So millions of life vitality jades were equivalent to hundreds of millions of supreme life vitality crystals!

Ever since the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance had united the Central Region, and her master had returned to the Cloud Hall, the Cloud Hall had become more and more prosperous with each passing day. With the support of the World Commercial Alliance, the hall had amassed a large number of life vitality crystals.

Before her ascension to the Upper World, her master, Imogen, had gifted her half of the supreme life vitality crystals that the Cloud Hall had accumulated, in case she needed them in the Upper World.

Now she had around 200, 000 supreme life vitality crystals with her, safely locked away in her space ring.

Just a moment ago, she was still considering whether she should buy two Roaring Tokens; however, when she heard the martial artist's explanation, she was utterly shocked.

So the great wealth of the 200, 000 supreme life vitality crystals that she had brought with her was nothing in the Upper World! Where she had previously thought herself wealthy, she now felt like a pauper!

The truth was that when the martial artist had explained that the Roaring Token was worth hundreds of millions of supreme life vitality crystals, he had been simplifying the matter to make her understand the priceless cost of the Roaring Token. He had reduced its value by 10 times.

It couldn't be blamed on him. After all, the Roaring Token was considered a priceless treasure in the Upper World, and most martial artists would rarely see such a token in their entire lives. Only world lords and Supreme Lords were given the right to use it. That martial artist had only given Letitia an estimated value of the Roaring Token.

"Of course, the Saint Lord of the Pure Jade Sacred Place and many world lords are sure to have one or two Roaring Tokens in their hands." The martial artist shook his head, his eyes revealing an expression of adoration. Compared to the Saint Lords of the sacred places, martial artists like him were nothing but dirt.

Letitia pursed her lips and a bleak look of depression appeared on her face. She hadn't expected to find the Roaring Token, but she felt that it sounded a little familiar. She had heard of it somewhere before, and being unable to purchase one, she felt let down.

The martial artist then sighed. "However, strange things do happen in this universe. A few years ago, a guy named Zen Luo told stories via the Roaring Token. Yet,

ill resting on Zen's name. "With his ranking, he should be able to enter the Clear Spirit Force House to cultivate, right?"

"Ha-ha..." The martial artist broke into laughter. After sizing up Letitia, he asked, "Did you ascend from the Lower World?"

Letitia nodded. Although she knew that there were over a hundred thousand supreme worlds in the Upper World, she did not have a thorough understanding of them yet. The tenth-grade Clear Spirit Sacred Place was in her limited understanding a paradise.

The martial artist then said, "No wonder. For a powerhouse like Zen, even the famous thirteen palaces cannot accommodate him, not to mention the Clear Spirit Sacred Place. It is said that after he ascended, he immediately left the tenth-grade sacred place and was accepted into the thirteen palaces. Now that he has obtained such a ranking, he can already be considered an ace talent in the Humanity Alliance."

"Oh? Really?" Letitia's face lit up with a proud smile.

In the Central Region, Letitia had held absolute confidence in her husband.

But it was different in the Upper World, where there were many ace talents. She hadn't dared to hold too high an expectation of Zen.

However, she never thought that in just six years, Zen had already achieved such a great achievement. The news that she had just heard was far beyond her wildest imagination, and also far beyond her expectations for Zen. At the same time, it gave her the confidence and inspiration to find Zen.

"Letitia, why do you ask so many details? Do you know this warrior?" the woman in red asked from beside her.

Letitia had a smile on her face as she looked up at the pyramid and said, "Have you forgotten what I told you? I flew here to find my husband."

The woman in red was still puzzled. "I know. So what?"

Letitia said excitedly, "My husband flew here six years ago. His name is Zen Luo, and if I guess correctly, he is the man at the top of the pyramid!"

Although her voice wasn't loud, the woman in red and the martial artist clearly heard what she said. The two of them stared at her with widened eyes, their expressions filled with disbelief.

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