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   Chapter 1602 How Many Life Vitality Crystals

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Here in the Pure Jade Sacred Place of the Three Purities World, the Clear Spirit Force House was the core place for cultivation.

It was a place where only the most talented disciples had access to.

But the talented disciples at the Soul Sea Realm were currently in the Illusion Battlefield which meant that the Clear Spirit Force House had been left mostly empty.

Not today though. Today, the main hall of the Clear Spirit Force House was bustling with energy as numerous Life and Death Realm and Spirit Supreme Realm warriors gathered together.

Their excitement was tantamount as they waited for the results of the Illusion Battlefield competitions.

The stakes were high and everyone waited in bated breath as the names changed in ranking on the pyramid located at the roof of the hall. The Clear Spirit Force House was the gathering place for the strongest warriors here in the Pure Jade Sacred Place so everyone had high expectations for their own homegrown talents.

"Josiah's ranking has improved. He's at the 220, 000th now!"

"It might be possible for him to get up to the top 100, 000..."

"He's really lived up to everyone's expectations."

There were 100, 000 supreme worlds and each of them owned three tenth-grade sacred places averagely...

Josiah Shen was the most outstanding warrior in the entire Pure Jade Sacred Place and they all rooted for him to get to the top 100, 000.

It wasn't just the disciples who came to watch, even the Saint Lord of the Pure Jade Sacred Place came to observe the talents' rankings.

The grand hall, which the pyramid floated on top of, was the only Illusion Space within the entire sacred place.

This Illusion Space required quite a large amount of life vitality to operate.

Life Vitality would only be consumed if there were warriors in the Illusion Space but ever since the appearance of the pyramid, the space now needed a constant supply of life vitality.

There were two methods to replenish life vitality here in the Upper World.

One was through the use of life vitality crystals or jades, which wasn't really economical since a huge amount was needed. The second, and more economical method was to have warriors directly supply the life vitality with their bodies.

There were countless warriors in this boundless universe.

As long as a considerable number of warriors gathered together, they would be able to continuously absorb the vitality between heaven and earth and transform it into life vitality. This life vitality could then be utilized to power the Illusion Space and keep it functioning.

It wasn't just Illusion Spaces, even some large-scale divine texture arrays operated this way.

Thousands of people were gathered behind the grand hall, constantly pouring life vitality onto the divine textures below them. These divine textures served as a sor

oking for a needle in a haystack, and that she might never see him again.

The fat woman, noticing the despair on Letitia's face, had the last laugh as she walked away.

Letitia went back to her work transferring the vitality into the divine texture but her eyes were noticeably sadder.

However, at that moment, a loud voice suddenly resounded in her ears.

"More than 16 warriors of the Thoughtless Minds are ranked in the top 100. This is something worth celebrating!"

The loud declaration startled her.

The warriors all over the universe had been so focused on the Illusion Battlefield competition that no one had taken the time to use a Roaring Token. This was the first time she heard someone use it.

"T-That voice... Just where did it come from?" she asked half in panic and half in curiosity.

"It's from a Roaring Token," a warrior beside her said. "It's something that can be used to transmit sound throughout the entire universe..." This warrior was not someone who ascended from the Lower World and was delegated to such a banal task for some other reason, so he naturally knew about Roaring Tokens.

"Roaring Token?" The words sounded familiar but she couldn't quite place where she heard them before. Nevertheless, her eyes lit up upon a sudden realization. If she could get her hands on a Roaring Token, then she might be able to contact Zen and tell him where she was!

If she called out for him then he would definitely set out to look for her!

"The Roaring Token is so magical! How many life vitality crystals would it cost to buy one?" she asked.

She wasn't a fool. Before she ascended, she already made a lot of preparations and made sure to take around 200, 000 supreme life vitality crystals with her.

However, the warrior suddenly started laughing. "How many life vitality crystals? Ha-ha..."

Letitia frowned, not really knowing what was so funny.

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