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   Chapter 1601 Taking Risks

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Throwing out his long hook, Zen successfully caught Jeffrey and dragged him to his side.

Meanwhile, he had already charged into the darkness.

After getting Jeffrey, he immediately got Janet as well, then Hailey, Coleman, and the other two warriors.


Just as the warriors on Zen's side were pulled to the other side one after another, a muffled sound rang out from the darkness before a light ball of Illusion Points exploded and flew toward Zen.

The martial artists that managed to enter the Hall of Causality had naturally gathered a great number of Illusion Points. In this round of the attack, Zen had instantly gotten over a million.

At this moment, how could Jeffrey, Janet, or the others be willing to fall far behind Zen?

By then, Lone had already died and returned to the main city for revival. The fact that their leader had been killed was already a cause for discouragement.

Although the remaining seven weren't completely lacking in strength, their confidence level had naturally dropped to their feet, leaving them in no mood to fight—they posed no threat to Zen.

Janet's, Hailey's, and Jeffrey's strength couldn't be underestimated either.

As lights flashed on the Buddha Curse Blade, the martial artist that employed the Dark Law was also put to death. The darkness that shrouded the area had dissipated and the number of martial artists on the opposing side decreased rapidly. Crumpling like dead leaves, they turned into Illusion Points.

After Janet absorbed the last person's Illusion Points, everyone's gaze once again fixated on Zen.

Now, it seemed like the third Hall of Causality wasn't too difficult to get through. From the start until then, Janet and the rest hadn't done much. Only Hailey had assisted Zen a great deal.

But they were all aware that the third Hall of Causality was extremely dangerous—if it weren't for the fact that Zen had brought Lone down into the river of energy, their group would probably have been annihilated right there. The only reason they could pass through the third Hall of Causality was that they had Zen with them.

"Why are you all looking at me?" Zen asked before turning to the exit of the Hall of Causality where Lone and the other members of his group had entered.

But Janet pursed her lips and smiled. "That guy seemed unwilling to accept defeat so easily."

"Who?" Zen only smiled, pretending to be unaware of who the other was referring to.

Then, Janet pointed to the river of energy in the deep ravine.

"I've already offended Lucille," said Zen. "I don't mind offending one more…"

Someone like Lone who was considered an ace talent would be able to catch up quickly even after his death. As the game continued in the Illusion Battlefield, the lower-ranked martial artists would constantly get wip

Though Lone wasn't directly killed by Zen, the latter was still a great factor leading to his death. If it weren't for Zen, all of them were likely to have been killed off by the swordsman.

After collecting Lone's Illusion Points, Zen's ranking soared once again.

As the martial artists fought around the Illusion Battlefield, they obtained iron tickets from various mystic places, allowing them to enter the Hall of Causality.

At this stage, everyone's ranking fluctuated dramatically.

Entering the Hall of Causality cost five million Illusion Points, after all. Even the top-ranked martial artists would drop in ranking if they lost tens of thousands of Illusion Points, let alone five million.

Back when Zen had paid five million points, his ranking instantly dropped back down to where no one could even pick out his name.

But as he passed the second Hall of Causality, his ranking rose just as quickly. After absorbing another ten million Illusion Points, he was ranked 23rd in this supreme world.

In the entire Illusion Battlefield, his rank jumped from the 9, 200th to the 130th.

The top hundred places were mainly occupied by the ace talents.

The peak of the pyramid was where the most outstanding beings in the universe stood.

"Zen is definitely not weak…"

"Who said he was relying on a fairy palace? His strength alone is probably comparable to that of an ace talent!"

"If this guy works a bit harder, he could probably make it into the top 100!"

It would seem that Zen had already garnered most of the Upper World's attention. Back when he was below the ranking of several millionth, they already had their eye on him because of his performance.

Not long ago, Zen had broken into the top 10, 000.

And soon after that, Zen had already reached the 130th. With such speed, he could probably break into the first hundred soon.

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