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   Chapter 1600 Challenge

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The energy flowing like a river began eroding the Otherworldly Swordsman's body.

Even the rules of the heavens in the Hall of Causality were nothing in the swordsman's eyes.

The dark iron sword in his hand possessed enough strength to surpass the heavens, after all.

Before entering the Illusion Space, the sword itself had told him that the Illusion Battlefield had a special repulsive force against it—no soul nor living creature could enter along with him.

This time, Zen also failed to bring Lavender and the cyan dragon into the Illusion Battlefield. The Illusion Battlefield's projection could only accept Zen alone. Currently, he was still unable to even communicate with them.

But the sword of the Otherworldly Swordsman forcibly broke through the rules of the Illusion Battlefield, managing to enter the area.

The sword clearly knew that if it did not arrive, it would be difficult for the Otherworldly Swordsman to achieve any great outcome with solely his own strength.

After bringing this sword into the battlefield, the Otherworldly Swordsman had full confidence that he would take the first place among all the warriors.

In his mind, the ace talents and even the Godly Geniuses, who were considered extremely formidable, were no match for him.

The Hall of Causality was undoubtedly dangerous—those who weren't cautious enough were likely to end up dead. In only the second Hall of Causality he had just passed through, countless ropes were already trying to trap the warriors in and squeeze the lives out of them. According to the rules of the Hall of Causality, it was impossible to sever those ropes. But the Otherworldly Swordsman managed to wield his sword, forcefully shattering the very rules of the heavens.

With him there, none of the ten warriors were left dead as they challenged through the hall. Of course, this earned him everyone's admiration. The Otherworldly Swordsman called 'Lone' seemed to be a remarkable, practically invincible warrior.

Under his leadership, they just might pass through the Hall of Causality without any major problems.

With the great outcome, the ten of them could make it to the top ten warriors of this supreme world.

But just when they made it to the third Hall of Causality, they encountered another group of warriors. Because they survived the second hall, they thought that with the Otherworldly Swordsman's power, they could easily deal with the seven warriors of the other group.

But what was about to unfold was beyond their expectations.

In the next moment, Lone fell into the river of energy.

"I can't accept this… Tak

all into it. But Lone seemed to be under the protection of some extremely powerful force.

For one to withstand the power of the rules of the heavens, such a person must be a Supreme Lord or someone who surpassed the heavens.

Did it have something to do with that sword in his hand?

"Come on! Continue winning every battle so we can meet again. I do hope you won't resort to using your little tricks when we duel. I will surely defeat you then... Glug, glug…"

Zen could no longer hear his words clearly.

The Otherworldly Swordsman's sword couldn't support him anymore.

Rapidly, he descended into the river. Upon losing the sword's protection, his body was instantly eroded and melted away, turning into a mere strand of energy within the river.

Meanwhile, a huge mass of Illusion Points burst out.

"So many!"

Everyone's eyes lit up with surprise.

With what they had seen before, they believed that the swordsman had released tens of millions of points this time.

The yellow dots of light floated along the river—they floated neither up nor down, attracting the warriors' attention from both sides of the river.

Indeed, they all had great interest in earning more Illusion Points, but so what? Who would dare step into the river to absorb them?

When Zen saw the scene, his face fell disappointed. Such a massive amount of points were likely to be wasted there. It was a shame, he thought, that he didn't personally kill the swordsman—if he did, all the points would have flown into his body.

With a shake of his head, Zen shot out a long hook. A smile appeared on his face as he turned to the darkness. Having dealt with the most troublesome warrior, there were only seven warriors left in the other group now.

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