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   Chapter 1599 Near-death Situation

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Before Zen was dragged into the darkness, he had already thought of this and anticipated a way out.

He had used the powerful assault of Hailey as his cover. Although the energy released by the Moon Bursting Flame Bow was exceedingly strong, Zen's body was left unharmed as it was immune to flames.

With their full cooperation, as long as the other party dared to hook onto him, he was confident that he could kill the enemy!

The one who killed their enemy wasn't Zen, so the Illusion Points that bolted out from the body of the warrior who had been burnt to ashes just now directly flew into Hailey's body.

However, the most surprising thing was that the ace talent in the other party was also able to resist the attack from the Moon Bursting Flame Bow. He faced the flames head-on and outrageously rushed towards Zen, ready to kill him as well!

Within a split second, this person charged in full momentum, aiming his long sword in his hand towards him. However, before it reached him, Zen had already sensed the peculiarity of that iron sword.

It looked old and quite too ordinary, merely like a conventional weapon that even didn't deserve to be ranked. But Zen had this nagging feeling stating otherwise, giving him an immense pressure at that particular moment!

If he were to be struck by this sword, he would most likely die beyond a shadow of a doubt!

At the time this thought occurred to him, a long hook caught Zen and quickly pulled him backward.

"Bring him back!" The dark iron sword's order was almost overbearing to the extent of it being unquestionable.


Not even a full second of time, Lone hurled his long hook at Zen!

He just as much wouldn't allow Zen to kill someone in front of him and then openly slip away!

And like a bolt of lightning, the long hook in his hand brutally launched towards Zen.

At the instant, his long hook reached Zen, a clinking sound reverberated. Janet's long hook was already on Zen when Lone's long hook also got him.

Under the collision of these two completely identical laws, Janet's hook was directly knocked away, and similarly, Lone's long hook was also knocked off. It was like there was a repelling force surrounding them.

Having lost both of the shackles of the long hooks, Zen was unable to fly. He had nothing to rely on to gain momentum in the air. Consequently, his entire body fell directly into the deep ditch!

Briefly, he happened to glance at the multicolored river of energy slowly flowing within this deep ditch.

According to the rules of the Hall of Causality, these seemingly harmless energies were absolutely fatal. If anyone were to fall into the river, the warrio

chance to return to their places, neither of them wanted to lose yet. After all, if one must fall into the river of energy, that warrior would most likely die.

Their long hooks shot out once again!

The two of them continued to descend and then were pulled up by the people behind them. At the same time, the two of them threw their hooks at each other and then continued to fall into the river of energy.

This near-death situation lasted for a full seven rounds. They fell down seven times and were pulled up seven times. Both sides had knocked off each other's hooks for many times!

Neither of them dared to keep their guard off, but Lone was also secretly shocked. This fellow in front of him looked ordinary, but he seriously possessed such strength! He admitted that he had underestimated Zen before.

Lone knew the strength of his sword, but even so, he was unable to gain anything from Zen. Now, he was very anxious.

Exactly at this moment, another flame exploded right above Lone's head!


An intense Fierce Flame Explosion erupted and formed a wall of flames, separating the Dark Law from the outside. However, the warriors covered by the Dark Law had a hard time finding Lone through that layer of explosive flames.

The two long hooks which were initially intended to rescue Lone failed to reach him. But instead, they flew past him and headed straight for Zen!

Without any hooks dragging him, Lone fell straight into the river of energy in the deep ditch. Zen, on the other hand, was accidentally dragged by a long hook into the Dark Law on the other side.

Just as Zen steadied himself, from the corner of his eyes, he saw Lone staring at him coldly, with eyes filled with killing intent and hatred as he sank into the colorful river of energy.

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