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   Chapter 1598 A Mysterious Sword (Part Two)

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When the Illusion Battlefield opened, the sword told Lone that the competition was crucial.

In the Illusion Battlefield, Lone had encountered no resistance so far. The number of people in the entire universe who were truly capable of challenging him as an opponent was not high.

After considering this, the young man before Lone seemed to be far cleverer, but he was still not powerful enough to contend Lone.


the moment Zen regained his freedom in the darkness, three powerful round flames shot out from behind him.

The warrior who had hooked Zen was impulsive, but that did not mean that he had not made sure that he would succeed. The moment he hooked Zen, he had made his move. The short spear in his hand went straight for Zen's head. As soon as the spinning tip of the spear got near Zen, it was sure to impale him and crush his head.

However, the warrior did not expect three fiery arrows to appear right behind Zen just as the latter was about to be stabbed by the spear.

'Damn it!'

the warrior cursed silently. At this moment, he did not care whether or not he could kill Zen. His figure flashed. He was about to escape out of sight.

A faint smile appeared on Zen's face as both of his hands shot out like lightning and took hold of the warrior. His hands were like iron hoops and firmly clamped on the warrior's body. Zen would not allow him to break free.


At the same time, Lone's black iron sword pierced through the darkness and headed straight for Zen.

He did not need to think about how to attack Zen.

The dark iron sword could handle almost everything by itself. It was his greatest source of reliance, and also like a part of him.

Back then, when h

hing in the universe was like child's play to the sword. It never regarded any of the Supreme Lords as being unbeatable, as if there was nothing in the universe worthy of its shock.

But at this moment, when the black iron sword noticed the difference in Zen's body, it expressed its astonishment.

"Nothing. Let's kill him first." The sword sent another message to Lone.

"All right." By now, Lone had come very close to Zen. In fact, most techniques that the dark iron sword had taught Lone were movement techniques. The sword was an invincible existence. As long as Lone approached his opponent, he was able to leave the problem of attack to the sword without further worries.

Lone suspected that if he were to ever get physically close to a Supreme Lord, the sword would be able to kill the Supreme Lord with a single jab.


The dark iron sword drew an arc in the air.

It did not emit any kind of power. Only Lone himself knew just how terrible its action was.

The young man before him was already a dead man.

However, suddenly Zen smiled at Lone. He began to retreat and started to float over to the other side.

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