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   Chapter 1597 A Mysterious Sword (Part One)

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Zen's provocation worked.

From the darkness, a long hook shot toward Zen and instantly caught him.

The moment it gripped Zen, his body was bound by a strange rule. This rule did not allow him to resist the attack. His entire body was as if imprisoned in chains and he was pulled into the darkness like a weightless feather.

"Now!" Zen shouted.

The moment Zen was pulled over, Hailey let go of the bowstring.

Before her Moon Bursting Flame Bow were three swirling balls of flame that floated in the air.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The target of the three round flames was no other than Zen!

Truthfully, Hailey too hesitated at the moment.

The Moon Bursting Flame Bow could be called a supreme divine weapon and naturally had its strong points. She was unable to fully unleash the power of the flame arrow. An ordinary martial artist would never be able to withstand its full power. Even an ace talent would be likely to back off.

But Zen had insisted on it. He had promised her that nothing would happen to him.

In the end, Hailey could only do as she was told.


Lone snorted. Someone else from his side was pulling Zen over. His thin figure flashed as he marched toward Zen.

Lone had been unable to come up with a method to break the stalemate, but that did not mean that he was afraid of Zen.

"No matter what tricks you are playing, you must die now that you have come over to our side," Lone said in a cold voice. He waved one of his arms and a long sword materialized in his hand.

Lone had another famed name.

He was also known as Lone, the Otherworldly Swordsman.

The Otherworldly Swordsman was the only ace talent among all independent warriors.

An ace talent was the hope of a large clan.

Usually only a few ace talents could be found in a clan.

To raise an ace talent often required sparing no efforts

warrior. From an unknown junior, he had slaughtered his way into the domain of the ace talents.

From then on, Lone only rose to prominence.

Now, in the midst of the Thoughtless Minds, he was walking shoulder to shoulder with Lawson, Nathan, and Lucille.

Most people considered what Lone had done to be miraculous among independent warriors.

"In absolute strength, all schemes are futile." Suddenly, the consciousness of Lone's sword communicated with him.

"I know. Before… I shouldn't have hesitated." Lone's face was unreadable. At this moment, he suddenly wielded his sword as he charged toward Zen.

The sword had accompanied Lone for many years. He had speculated on its origins.

It did not belong to this round of the universe, rather, it came from a higher level of existence; an existence that surpassed the heavens.

The sword had informed him that the region was known as the divine land.

In the beginning when the sword had been with him, they had only used up each other's strengths. However, after being in the company of each other for so many years, their relationship had only grown deeper. He knew some of the secrets of the sword, and the sword helped him to become a Godly Genius and surpass the heavens.

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