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   Chapter 1596 Hesitation

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Zen was unable to challenge the rules of the hook.

The square boulders in the second hall had originally been ordinary stones. But because they contained a rule of the heavens, Zen was unable to move the boulders the slightest bit, even if he burst out with all his might.

In this universe, only a Supreme Lord could break through a certain level of the rules of the heavens. At this point in time, Zen's strength was far from that.

As Zen finished speaking, his gaze landed on Hailey.

This quiet Demon Night woman held a longbow in one hand and a long hook in the other. She looked at the other side, her eyes brimming with caution.

Moon Bursting Flame Bow!

When Zen looked at the bow, his eyes glinted. He had already made up his mind. "Perhaps," he said, "I can be a stupid person for once."

When Jeffrey and Janet heard Zen, doubt appeared on their faces.

As for the absent-minded Coleman, he was even more confused. "You want to get hooked over?"

What happened to Damon had been a terrible lesson.

If Zen were to be hooked by his opponents, his end result would be the same as Damon's. They would use the long hooks in their hands to jostle him and then easily kill him.

"Perhaps!" Zen said, shrugging lightly. It was a chaotic energy transmission that carried over his words. Although there was a distance of three thousand feet between the two sides, a martial artist's hearing sense was good enough to hear Zen.

Time quietly passed by in this confrontation.

Most of the warriors in the Hall of Causality were starting to feel anxious.

Almost all the martial artists who entered this place could make it into the top three hundred of the supreme world.

But the competition in the Illusion Battlefield was becoming more and more intense, and the other warriors at the top of the ranks were gaining Illusion Points at a heightening speed. If they got nothing here, their ranks would plummet. Anyone who did not gain enough points would decline in the rankings.

During the confrontation, the martial artists outside of the Halls of Causality were gaining Illusion Points at an insane speed. Thus, the rankings of the warriors in here were naturally falling.

Every time they checked their rankings, they would realize that they had slipped by one or two spots.

"Lone, are we going to wait like this forever?" someone cried out.

Lone sat in the same spot. His gaze was fixed on the endlessly churning mist. He asked with a smile, "And why can't we wait?"


"The other side should be even more anxious than us," Lone said airily. "They will lose their patience sooner or later."

Truthfully, Lone was not so confident at this moment.

It was not that he did not believe in his abilities. If

was similar to what Damon had done. Damon had provoked Zen through his words, but Zen was goading Lone through his action.

Zen did not pause even for a moment when his hook missed its target. His vision was already firmly locked onto the blurry, skinny figure. The long hook in his hand once again shot out.

Whoosh …

As the long hook flew toward Lone, his figure moved a few more feet to avoid the hook.




Again and again, Zen struck out with his hook, but to no avail.

He wore a faint smile on his face, seeming very patient.

Lone, who still resided in the darkness, finally had a look of anger on his face.


As he dodged Zen's hook, the long hook in his own hand shot out and charged straight at Zen.


Zen's eyes flashed. This was the moment he had been waiting for.

When Zen saw the long hook rush to drag him into it, he smiled. The long hook halted all of a sudden, not too far away from him.

Lone grabbed the chain at the end of the long hook and forcibly pulled it back.

As Zen looked in the direction of the retracting hook, a devious look surfaced in his eyes. "Why? Why are you withdrawing it?"

No one said a word in the darkness on the other side, but soon after, a sharp aura emerged from the darkness. It was Lone.

"Lone, why didn't you make a move?" a warrior asked.

"He would die if you hooked him over. Why did you hesitate?" Some of the warriors were utterly perplexed at Lone's lack of action.

Slowly, Lone stood up and looked at Zen from head to toe. A sense of foreboding had enveloped him the moment he raised the hook, so he withdrew it at the last moment.

However, the warriors around him could not hold it in any longer. One of them suddenly lashed out a long hook at Zen. Lone did not have the chance to stop him.

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