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   Chapter 1595 Disarm

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Damon was being pulled around like a toy, hooked to multiple leashes in the hands of several people, and was screaming in rage.

"You guys entered the Hall of Causality before us and took the initiative, but it doesn't look like you used your brain!

Advancing in the Hall of Causality doesn't need brute force. You might be a martial artist at the Soul Sea Realm, as powerful as an ace talent and with a supreme divine weapon in your hand. But the Law of Causality contained in the supreme divine weapon you hold would still not be as strong as the rules laid down by the heavens.

Reasonable use of the rules is the key. I do not know the original name of the Law of Causality contained within the long hook, so I will call it 'disarm'. Once you are hooked, you do not have the ability to resist, even if you are an ace talent! And that's because you are disarmed!"

Zen said, fixing Damon with a steady gaze.

His voice wasn't loud, but everyone in the Hall of Causality could hear him clearly.

When the nine people hiding in the darkness on the other side heard this, panic filled them.

The ten of them had entered the Hall of Causality and had set up the Dark Law long before Zen had. They had seized the initiative.

But they didn't spend much time or effort observing the long hooks in their hands.

It wasn't that they didn't think of it on purpose; just that they were too conceited for it to have occurred to them.

Of the 10 people on their side, one was an ace talent, two were descendants of Supreme Lords, and two were descendants of grand world lords. In addition to the ace talent, the four descendants were also fated to lead the world of chaos.

Why would such a strong group even look at a group like Zen's?

So Damon suggested that Zen's group hook him to the other side and he then bring Lone over. What followed was torture: simple and crude.

The only reason they dared execute such a plan was because of their full confidence in their own strength.

They couldn't see what was happening amidst all the fog but they could imagine what was happening to Damon.

"The guy who is talking is really interesting," Lone said, grabbing the hook and studying it. He had never thought about how strong the Law of Causality was; he only knew that this hook had the protection of the rules of the heavens and couldn't be broken. And once the hook caught someone, it would definitely bring him over.

"What do we do now? Damon has not died yet. Should we save him?" another warrior asked.

Lone stretched his arms and

n over," Hailey said. "Going by that, this person should have the confidence to kill all of us!"

"A person with such confidence should at least be an ace talent," Janet added.

The other martial artists scowled darkly as this conclusion was reached.

There were more than one hundred warriors in the entire universe who could be called ace talents and each of the 50 supreme worlds of the Illusion Battlefield only had three ace talents on an average. Some supreme worlds probably had more ace talents, and some did not even have a single one.

When Janet had first entered the Hall of Causality, she had two ace talents accompanying her. And now, she was facing a third ace talent as her opponent.

"How should we deal with that ace talent?" Jeffrey asked, his voice low. Even though he was powerful, he didn't have the strength to fight against an ace talent.

Sensing this subtle change in the atmosphere, Zen smiled faintly and said, "Even if there is an ace talent, we can still kill him. But that ace talent has now also understood the rules of this long hook. I'm afraid they won't be hooked over by us now. What about letting them hook me over?"

"What?" Jeffrey said, surprised.

Everyone was clear about the power of this long hook - the "disarm" could destroy almost any power or martial skills. The only ones who could struggle free of the heavens' rules were probably the Supreme Lords. Even a world lord would probably be unable to resist if he were caught by the hook and would be bound before he knew it.

Zen understood this logic. So why was he making such a suggestion?

Zen laughed at Jeffrey's blank expression and said, "I am just kidding. I'm not that stupid."

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