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   Chapter 1594 A Little Game

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Damon, standing across the deep ravine, was constantly provoking Zen and the others.

However, from inside the fog there was nothing but silence.

After a long while, a voice finally sounded with a ghostly echo from within the mist.


When Damon heard this voice, he was momentarily stunned before a furious look appeared on his face. "You dare to scold me?"


yet another voice said in an almost bored tone.

"You're the idiot!" Damon roared, his voice echoing throughout the spacious hall.

"Liar! Didn't you say that you won't fight back or return curses? I only scolded you twice, and already you swore in return. How can I then believe your words?" Zen's voice retorted from within the mist.

"I...I..." Damon was startled, and his words stalled in his throat at hearing the rebuke. He had been trying to provoke his enemies, but now he was the one who became infuriated due to Zen's words instead. He didn't know how to respond now.

"Damon, don't concern yourself with them. They won't be able to last long." Lone's voice floated over from the darkness.

Damon suddenly nodded, took heart and said, "You are right! Let's see how long these guys can endure!"

"Ha-ha!" Janet, who was in the fog, laughed as she looked at Zen, who was standing beside her. "I didn't know that you are also just as good at verbal quarreling as at actual fighting."

Zen shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Right at that moment, his left hand shot out like a lightning bolt and grabbed Janet, retreating a step to the right. In the blink of an eye, a hook shot out across the deep ravine and flew straight towards Janet.

Thanks to Zen's swift reflexes, Janet was able to escape being caught!

"That was close!" Janet got so frightened that she stood out in a cold sweat.

If she had been caught by the hook, she would definitely have been killed by the ten opponents. Even if Zen and the others were then still able to pass through this Hall of Causality, the next part of this saga would have no mention of her.

"There's someone on the other side who has the ability to see through my fog. I don't know whether this is due to the sounds in the mist or something else," Jeffrey said with a grave expression on his face.

Just like Zen's magical eyes were able to see through some of the Dark Laws, some of the warriors on the other side seemed in turn able to see through the Illusive Fog as well!

"I... I can kill them using this," said Hailey, who had been silent all this time, as she gently lifted the Moon Bursting Flame Bow in her hand.

Zen smiled faintly at this moment. "Don't bother. I'll deal with this ogre. However, they will definitely have other tricks up their sleeves. We'd better stand further apart."

After passing through the second Hall of Causality, Zen had become their unofficial leader.

Since Zen had spoken, he must then have the confidence to do as he pledged. Therefore, no one had any objections.

Soon after, Zen's figure flashed, and he appeared in the middle of the fog. His eyes fixed on the ogre across the deep ravine. His left hand grasped the long chain affixed at the end of the hook, and his

tists had no weight and couldn't fight back. They also couldn't use life vitality or forceful energy, nor could they be harmed while attached to the hook!

Only once they were released from the hooks would the two sides be able to fight, and slay their enemies!

Therefore, as soon as Damon condensed the Forceful Crystal Armor, Jeffrey, who had been hidden not too far away, immediately shot out his hook.

The diamond-shaped crystal that Damon had consumed lots of his forceful energy to condense was naturally broken by the heavens' rules contained in the hook!

As for Jeffrey, he hooked Damon over to his side and quickly retreated out of reach. He did not dare to confront Damon directly.

At this moment, Damon's face revealed a trace of panic! The Forceful Crystal Armor that he had spent a large amount of his forceful energy to condense was instantly broken by a small hook, just like that! This was the strongest Transcendent Divine Might his father had ever mastered, but it was destroyed by a mere hook.

"Forceful Crystal Armor!"

Damon reacted extremely fast. He did not attack Jeffrey, but instead he focused and condensed his Forceful Crystal Armor once again. At the same time, he threw the hook in his hand! The most important thing for him was to hook Lone over so that he might have reinforcements!


But this time, Janet, who was standing even further away, cast out her hook.

Damon's Forceful Crystal Armor was just formed, while it was also broken by Janet's deftly thrown long hook. At the same time, it wrapped around Damon's burly body and he was again knocked down and pulled towards Janet.

It was like they were playing a little game of tug-of-war with him. One warrior after another dragged Damon along. There was not a single stop between them. The instant he was released by Janet's long hook, another hook wrapped around him once again. As for Damon's Forceful Crystal Armor, it was constantly being condensed, and also swiftly crushed by the heavens' rules contained in the long hooks. Damon never received the chance to throw his own hook back at Lone!

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