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   Chapter 1593 Stratagem

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In the darkness on the other side, warriors were in a daze, looking confused but seemed to be alert.

There were ten warriors stood in a row, staring deeply into the mist opposite them.

In their eyes, the mist on the other side looked eerily thick as it gradually spread out, forming countless illusions—humans, snakes, insects, all the creatures in the universe. It only took several moments until the fog had starkly covered up the seven of them.


Amidst the darkness, someone threw out a long hook! They all heard a hissing sound.

The long hook resembled a spear. It crossed a distance of three thousand feet and flew straight into the fog!

However, as the hook disappeared into the creepy fog, the figure the hook got in contact was only an illusion. Shortly after it dissipated, the hook returned without any gains.

Some warrior behind the thick, creepy fog also threw out the hook, mimicking the warrior on the other side.

Once a warrior was hooked from the other side, they could attack that one in groups to achieve an instant kill!

For example, after Cain was hooked onto the other side, he didn't even have the strength to fight back before exploding into a ball of Illusion Points and being sent back to the main city.

Right now, one side had exerted a Dark Law, while the other had summoned the fog to cover them up. Both parties were well hidden.

These long hooks flew back and forth above the three thousand feet wide abyss for several times, but they were ultimately unable to get a single warrior.

"Interesting! It's the Illusive Fog. One of those warriors is from the Blessed Buddha Land!"

The leader of the ten warriors was also a human. He looked weak and thin as a bamboo stick, but there was a sharp glint in his eyes. It was as if there were two knives hidden in his calm eyes!

"They should have passed the first two Halls of Causality as well, and they have already lost two teammates. Now we have killed one more of them, so the team should only have seven left. Ha-ha! They are not that strong!" Another warrior laughed coldly.

"Lone alone can deal with the left seven warriors, right? The third Hall of Causality is so easy to pass through," someone exclaimed in the darkness.

If one side wanted to pass through the third Hall of Causality, they would have to kill all the warriors on the other side.

The entryway to Zen's group was the exit to these ten warriors, and the entrance to the ten was the exit to Zen's group of seven!

And the only way to get through the third Hall of Causality was to kill all the warriors on the other's path.

"Of course! Lone is an ace talent! How could there be a match for him? If we were to send Lone over, those fellows on the other side would be killed in a blink of an eye!" another warrior butted in.

"But the ones on the other side have the Illusive Fog to shield them. It's difficult to get them here through the hooks," someone spoke hesitantly.

"Big deal! They won't be able to break t

heard the one named Damon among the ace talents of the ogres."

As far as Jeffrey was concerned, their opponents wouldn't be too difficult to deal with as long as they weren't the ace talents from those famous races or groups.

"No! He is not an ace talent, because his fate is not strong enough to be one. But, his strength and talent are not inferior to any of ace talents!" Coleman continued.

Whether being an ace talent or Godly Genius, a warrior had to have the fate to lead the world of chaos. But it would never mean that the ones who had such a destiny were qualified to be ace talents.

What Coleman wanted to say was simple. The ogre couldn't be an ace talent merely because he was not fated to be one. But with such strength, his power should not be underestimated!

Thus, after hearing Coleman's words, Jeffrey, Janet, and the others eventually wore a solemn expression, especially now that the ogre had the confidence to stand there, and wait for them to make a move!

Zen gripped the hook hard in his hand, and keenly observed the ogre. He noted that there was a river filled with illusory energy, as he shifted his gaze from the ogre down to the deep ravine.

Regardless of this warrior's strength, there was no way for him to break free from the laws of the heavens contained within the hook. The moment the ogre was hooked over, he would be on the defensive and have no way to get rid of it.

Yet, he was beaming with confidence. He must be relying on something else.

As Zen was currently in deep thought contemplating about that, Damon across the three-thousand-foot-wide ravine roared provokingly, "Hey! The bunch of cowards over there! I am standing right here. Even now, none of you dare to make a move against me? You guys really suck!

Why don't you give up as soon as possible? Remove that mist! Come over to kneel and beg for mercy from me. I can let you die a little faster!

Come on! Throw your hook! Hook me over! I will never fight back, and never curse back!"

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