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   Chapter 1592 The Warriors In The Darkness

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That human warrior called Cain had been hooked and was immediately dragged off into the enveloping darkness. No sign of him could be seen, not even a shadow in the murky darkness.


Cain shouted desperately, but then his shouting abruptly stopped.

Everyone saw a mass of yellow light dots suddenly burst out from the darkness on the other side of the deep ditch...

It was obvious that Cain had died. Half of his Illusion Points had burst forth from his body!

The moment those Illusion Points appeared, he disappeared, as if he was immediately consumed by the darkness!

"Where are the Illusion Points?"

"It seems that they have already been absorbed!"

"This is impossible!" Janet's face revealed an expression of surprise and horror. "In this Hall of Causality, is there a warrior of some kind that could have killed Cain and absorbed the Illusion Points?"

In the Illusion Battlefield, only warriors could absorb Illusion Points from each other. The wild animals and dreaded beasts could kill the warriors, but couldn't absorb their Illusion Points.

If Zen killed Cain, then no matter how far away they were from each other, Cain's Illusion Points would fly towards Zen.

Lucille had once given her subordinates the golden suicide pellets that could take their lives. These golden pellets had contained Lucille's consciousness within them though. As a result, when her subordinates committed suicide, it was as if Lucille had killed them in the Illusion Battlefield. So she had obtained their Illusion Points.

Some warriors who were killed by vicious beasts in the secret lands or out in the wilderness would have their Illusion Points float on the spot and become Illusion Points belonging to no one. Any warrior who found these points could absorb them, but those vicious beasts could never absorb the Illusion Points.

However, after Cain was dragged away and slain, his Illusion Points were almost instantly absorbed.

There was only one possibility; there were warriors hiding on the other side of ravine.

These warriors on the other side had hooked Cain and dragged him away, after which they killed him and absorbed his Illusion Points.

Every time the Hall of Causality opened, only ten warriors could enter at the same time. How then were there warriors on the other side of the ditch?

It didn't make any sense at all...

"Be careful." Zen also frowned. The hook in his hand was tightly held in his grip, while his eyes turned a motley green. Even though he had activated his magical eyes, he was still unable to see into the darkness. It seemed that someone had made use of the Dark Law to create the darkness, and it was as if the darkness was a curtain that protected and hid the warriors within it.

"It's the power of the Dark Law, and those opponents have made full preparation this time," Jeffrey said coldly. He held a hook in one hand and the Buddha Curse Blade in the other.

Zen kept glancing around the darkness, and he finally tracked down one of the blurry

everyone's surprise, this Hall of Causality was actually letting two groups of warriors stay opposite each other!

These ten warriors on the other side might also have passed through two Halls of Causality as well, but not a single one of them had died, as they still retained their original number of ten. The strength of these warriors could definitely not then be underestimated.

What was even worse was that they had even set up the Dark Law in advance, hiding themselves within the darkness before their attack, which had made Zen and his group members less able to fend them off.

"Who can perform the Dark Law?" Janet asked. The Dark Law was a rather unpopular law, and Janet hadn't mastered it.

Although Zen had once received the baptism by laws, he had never comprehended nor favored the Dark Law.

Hearing Janet's question, Jeffrey laughed coldly and responded, "We don't need the Dark Law! Look at me!"

Jeffrey clapped his hands together gently, and the Buddhist sound began to ring out, making the air quiver and filled with mist.

A hallucinatory glow began emitting from his body, spreading in all directions...

Zen and the others who were standing in the mist were unable to sense anything strange.

However, to the warriors on the other side of the ditch, there appeared to be countless figures who were made out of thin air. Jeffrey had conjured a mass of additional illusion figures that mixed with the group of seven warriors. It was difficult to tell which figure was real or not. Now the enemy could not spot their targets so easily.

"I want to see how they hook us this time!" Jeffrey sneered.

Although the mist was unable to completely cover the seven of them, it could still cause quite a bit of interference to confound their opponents.

It seemed that the two groups of warriors had to fight a battle in this third Hall of Causality, in addition to any other challenges that might still be waiting.

In this mist, the warriors began to plan how to counterattack.

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