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   Chapter 1591 Hooks

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Janet had a special ability--she could distinguish if one was telling lies or not.

When she declared that Thad was a fake name, everyone stared at Zen once again.

However, Zen simply smiled and didn't explain. He believed that they shouldn't be too entangled with this issue.

They continued climbing up the mountain.

Zen scanned his surroundings, and an icy blue hall appeared in front of him.

It seemed that the great hall in front of him was built from blue crystals, which made it glimmer with an icy blue luster under the light.

Moreover, they felt refreshed as they drew closer to the hall.

The soles of Jeffrey's shoes scuffed against the ground when he slowed down his pace and turned to Janet.

"How difficult is the third Hall of Causality?" he asked her. In turn, Janet looked at the hall for a while with a serious expression. "Every Hall of Causality is different, so I can't say for sure--but there are five Halls of Causality from the foot of the mountain to its summit in total.

We had two ace talents in the group last time I entered here. No one died in the first Hall of Causality. Three people perished in the second. Four more followed in the third. I perished in the fourth Hall of Causality..." "So many people had died even though you had two ace talents in the group?!"

The ogre martial artist couldn't help but gawk at her in disbelief. There was not a single ace talent among the ten people present.

Although they had never fought each other before, Zen, Jeffrey, and Janet were undoubtedly the top three warriors among them.

However, they thought that while Zen and the others weren't weak--they were not on par with the ace talents. Those who were called ace talents must have the greatest fortune in the universe.

Not only did they carry the destiny of the chaotic world, a race or clan's hopes depended on them as well.

If even a team with two ace talents did not make through the Hall of Causality, then it meant that this Hall of Causality was much more difficult than they had imagined.

Naturally, some of the eight people wanted to retreat after they heard Janet's words.

However, Janet smiled at them and said, "Don't worry, isn't our result now better than last time?

We'll definitely pass through this Hall of Causality as long as all of us work together!" She made sure to emphasize the two words 'work together' as she spoke.

What Janet didn't mention was that the two ace talents from the last time she had entered the Hall of Causality refused to cooperate. They always fought internally, and even continued their fight on the mountain.

Furthermore, they didn't even save the other martial

He tried to smash the two stone tablets to pieces, but they didn't even move an inch. They were completely unbreakable.

From the looks of it, it seemed that each person could only get one hook.

After everyone had obtained a hook, all of them turned to Janet once again.

On the other hand, Janet innocently looked at Zen and muttered, "I also don't know what to do next…"

Zen's lips curved up into a small smile. He walked towards the deep ravine's edge as he looked on the other side.

The opposite end of the deep ravine was shrouded in darkness, so they couldn't see whatever was in there clearly. However, Zen's pupils shone with a green luster, and the black shadows on the other side gradually dissipated. Then, he saw some shadows that were shaking in the darkness.

"There seems to be something on the other side," said Zen.

"What is it?" Janet immediately asked. Before the rules had been made clear, everyone had been unsure of their actions in the Hall of Causality. They might be killed instantly if they weren't careful, so all of them were quite nervous.

"I can't see it clearly," Zen said as the green light in his eyes glowed brighter. When he activated his vision ability, his expression suddenly changed and he shouted, "Watch out!"

Just as when he finished his words, a hook from the darkness in the other side of the deep ravine rapidly shot towards them.

Everyone heeded Zen's warning and quickly moved to the two sides, but the hook was fast. It instantly crossed the distance of three thousand feet, and directly hung itself on the body of a human martial artist named Cain Li!

After Cain was caught, he seemed powerless and couldn't resist at all. He only had enough time to scream for help, before he was pulled to the other side.

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