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   Chapter 1590 Names

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When the short warrior stepped aside to make way for Zen, everyone's eyes fell on the latter.

He was the only one out of the remaining eight warriors who had yet to attack the massive rock.

Giving Janet a soft smile, he walked toward the square rock.

All eyes were focused on him as the other warriors wondered what method he would use to attack.

But when Zen took his stance, everyone's expression turned disappointed.

Zen merely took on a horse stance, clenching his right fist as he stared straight ahead at the rock in front of him.

It seemed as though he was preparing for a normal punch.

'Doesn't he care about Illusion Points at all?' they wondered.

Although the short warrior's palm strike just then seemed ordinary, they could tell that it was composed of profound skills — the control he had over his strength was already at such a high level that his attack looked so leisurely from a close distance.

"Thad, are you really going to hit the rock with just your fist? Don't you want to use a weapon?" Janet asked. Janet couldn't help but suggest that he use a weapon, believing it would help him gain more points.

But Zen only shook his head. "There is no need."

Though he understood Janet's doubt, he couldn't be bothered to explain further.

After activating all the 40, 000 dragon scales, the strength of his physical body was probably comparable to the might of the Gods-intimidating Strike. But his physical strength had its own limitations — warriors rarely engaged in close combat during a fight, urging him to use the Gods-intimidating Strike and other skills more often.

After all the power of the dragon scales flowed into his right fist, he threw a rather ordinary punch.

But no one knew exactly how terrifying the power in this punch was.

When Zen's fist landed on the surface of the square rock, everyone heard a dull thud.

"Ha! Looks like he's at the bottom of us all!" The ogre warrior grinned and remarked from behind.

Like Zen, he attacked the rock with merely an ordinary punch, obtaining only around 400, 000 Illusion Points.

As an ogre, his natural physical strength was already much stronger than an ordinary human warrior's. Even though he had used less than sixty percent of his full strength, he felt rather confident that his strength still surpassed this human warrior's.

But after Zen retracted his fist, several spots of the Illusion Points started to fly out of the rock like before.

One, two…

These yellow luminous spots were like fireflies dancing in the air as they radiated from the surface of the rock.

Everyone stared at these spots, their faces gradually growing in doubt.

After a few moments, only several hundred Illusion Points wer

n the present supreme world, his ranking had reached up to the top 100.

With that one move, he managed to earn back the five million points he paid and more.

Since he was the last attack, cracks suddenly appeared on the surface of the square rock until it became a mere pile of dust.

Everyone sighed as they looked ahead to their upcoming journey.

Just at the second Hall of Causality, they had obtained such a large number of Illusion Points. What could possibly happen next?

Although there was hope there, they also had rather big worries.

The difficulty of the second Hall of Causality wasn't low by any means — two people had already been killed here. What could happen in the third Hall of Causality?

After passing through the hall's exit, they once again stepped onto the stairs and continued up the mountain.

On their way, Janet suddenly broke the silence and offered, "Let's introduce ourselves to each other. We need cooperation to pass through these halls, after all. We should at least know each other's names, right?"

Through their previous cooperation, they had accepted each other as mere temporary companions. But after everything they had to go through, the trust they had in each other leveled up.

Hearing Janet's words, the short warrior from the Blessed Buddha Land replied first, "My name is Jeffrey Jin."

"Jeffrey? Are you that famous monk in the Blessed Buddha Land?"

Hearing his name, a human warrior behind him inquired, sounding surprised.

With a smile, Jeffrey offered a nod. "Yes, that's me."

"I'm Thad Luo," Zen added.

"I'm Coleman!" The ogre replied loudly.

The Demon Night woman blinked softly and said, "My name is Hailey."

After everyone introduced themselves, Janet smiled and said, "You are all very honest. Only Thad used a fake name!"

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