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   Chapter 1589 Various Skills

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After she let go of the bowstring, a buzz was heard.

Everyone saw the bowstring tremble on the bow.

The vortex of flame floating in front of the longbow didn't shoot out but instead floated in front of her, slowly spinning.

The Demon Night woman then smiled shyly at the crowd. "We'd better back off a bit!"

Upon seeing the power of the flame vortex, everyone knew that the power of the explosion would exceed their imagination and that they had to retreat.

Putting away her Moon Bursting Flame Bow, the Demon Night woman retreated toward the hall with the others. The vortex of flame was then left where it was, slowly rotating in the air.

Zen, Janet and the others moved back hundreds of feet before they decided to stop.

"It's not yet enough. We have to retreat further back. I'm afraid it'll hurt you," the Demon Night woman said with a smile.

Thus, the group retreated together with her to the middle section of the Hall of Causality.

"Alright, it's enough." As soon as the woman finished speaking, her eyes flashed. In that moment, everyone heard the sound of an explosion.


The flame vortex shot toward the huge, square rock. After a fierce collision, the flame power contained within spread out to the back. Almost half of the Hall of Causality was easily swallowed by the intense flame.

The woman seemed rather familiar with the bow. She told everyone to back off, but not too far away. They were at a good distance now.

"In addition to the power of the five layers of the Fire Law, it also contains a strange Law of Causality. It can condense the flame power to a high degree. Is this what makes the Moon Bursting Flame Bow special?" Janet whispered.

Right in the middle of the raging flames, the surface of the huge rock was once again suffused with countless Illusion Points. As they continuously danced in the air, they flew directly toward the Demon Night woman's body.

The number of these Illusion Points was several times more than that of the ogre martial artists from before.

When the raging flames completely dissipated and the Illusion Points were completely absorbed, the ogre martial artist anxiously asked, "How many… How many Illusion Points have you obtained?"

"2.8 million," she said with a faint smile.

"What?" The ogre martial artist roared. In this moment, he turned green with envy. But there was no medicine for regret in this world—he shouldn't have struck the square rock.

As the other martial artists heard the woman's words, their hearts burned with passion.

And it was as expected.

Just as Janet said, it was rather easy to earn the Illus

nd gentle.

When Janet struck the surface of the rock, it made a loud sound, but his strike was silent. The moment his palm touched the rock, he pulled back like a dragonfly dipping quickly into the water.

But after his light push, a massive amount of Illusion Points flooded into him.

'That's a strange power. The methods of the Blessed Buddha Land are truly extensive and profound.' Sighing inwardly, Zen shot the martial artist with a grave expression.

The three human forces in the universe were all very powerful—the Thoughtless Minds was established by many clans, while the Humanity Alliance was made of countless sacred places. But the Blessed Buddha Land was the oldest in the whole human race. Their path of cultivation was completely differently from that of the Thoughtless Minds and Humanity Alliance because they inherited the very teachings of the Buddhas.

"3.9 million Illusion Points," he announced casually.

The crowd couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air upon hearing the number.

It wasn't the number they were shocked at—over four million Illusion Points were stored in their bodies, after all.

But the short martial artist managed to obtain nearly four million Illusion Points in one go—did that mean his palm strike was several times stronger than theirs?

The Demon Night woman had used a supreme divine weapon and yet earned only 2.8 million Illusion Points. But this person, out of nowhere, earned 3.9 million using just his bare hands.

Janet's mouth twitched. The record she created was instantly broken by the guy. Unwilling to give up, she turned to Zen. "It's your turn."

In her frustration, she found herself hoping that Thad could get more Illusion Points than the short martial artist.

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