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   Chapter 1588 Reward

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The dark red ghost face was nailed in and started cracking.

The cracks spread quickly until they completely engulfed the entirety of the stone's surface.

These huge blocks of stones were originally ordinary stones.

But their surfaces were protected by extremely strong Law of Causality which prevented them from being broken.

This was the reason why no matter how powerful a battle between warriors was, the walls of the main cities would never be broken.

"I was scared to death..." the ogre murmured weakly.

Zen had shot an arrow just now that missed him by mere millimeters.

"Sorry about that," Zen apologized with a smile.

Everything was so chaotic and he couldn't really think straight when he launched his arrow.

The ogre laughed. "It's alright. At least we can finally get through this damn hall." There wasn't really any harm done and even if the arrow did hit him, it still wouldn't be deadly. Zen's bow was obtained from the Lower World and could only be considered a lower-ranked divine weapon, meaning it was no match to the ogre warrior's armor.

The ogre turned to the idle stone beside him. He patted it gently and the stone immediately exploded into smithereens.

They had previously been chased by these stones all over the place but the tables had turned and they were now able to smash them all into pieces.

"Amazing!" Janet told Zen with a sweet smile.

Zen shrugged and pulled a skull from his back. "I was just lucky. I didn't expect this little skull to be useful." He never thought that this indestructible annoyance was going to come in handy at such a crucial moment.

Back in the first hall, Zen had almost caused the death of several warriors, so a lot of them harbored a lot of anger towards him.

However, his actions here in the second hall proved to be extremely effective in getting through the challenges. He went from dead weight to an accidental hero.

This temporary team was sure to bond even more once they got through more challenges together.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

More than forty blocks of stone had been smashed and reduced to rubble.

Once all stones were gone, the warriors now fixed their eyes upon a very interesting sight: two masses of Illusion Points that gathered in the middle of the hall, left behind by the two warriors who died under the strong square light pillars.

Since they weren't kil

attacking the stone so impulsively.

Now it was the others' turn to give it a try.

The Demon Night warrior stood in front of the stone. They all understood that they should use their most destructive methods to attack the stone.

They would have to bring out the big guns and attack this stone with everything they had got in order to reap its huge rewards!

The Demon Night warrior took a few seconds to think of her strategy in dealing with this stone. Once she made up her mind, she took two steps back and took out a fiery-red longbow.

"This bow... Is it also a supreme divine weapon?"

Zen hadn't really been paying much attention to this woman. She was silent and preferred to keep to herself. The only interaction she ever did with any of them was when she gave the Blue Phoenix feather to Janet.

If she was in possession of a supreme divine weapon, then that meant that she enjoyed a high status in their race, perhaps even higher than Aurora's!

The woman skillfully gripped the bow and pulled on the bowstring, aiming it at the stone.

'There's no arrow though...' Zen thought to himself.

But soon enough, the fiery-red longbow started to glow as some kind of powerful energy surged through it. Not long after, a vortex of fire appeared in front of the bow and spat out a crimson arrow!

"This is the Moon Bursting Flame Bow, ranked a bit below the 2, 100th on the Universe Spirit Tablet," Janet helpfully explained to Zen.

At that moment, the Demon Night woman quickly released her hold on the bowstring and sent the arrow flying straight to the stone!

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