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   Chapter 1587 Shoot An Arrow

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The figures of Janet and the short martial artist were blur as they both moved at the speed of lightning.

Both of their strength could be ranked in the team's top three.

Although the square pillars of light caused their speeds to slow down a bit, they had succeeded in setting up traps. There were now lines of traps on the floor from a side of the Hall of Causality.

Janet had used something called the "Lofty Wood Texture." It was a profound mystery derived from the fifth level of the Wood Law. It was also one of her clan's extremely powerful techniques.

Meanwhile, the thunder technique the short martial artist had used appeared to be extraordinary, which he hadn't explained.

The two of them shuttled across the Hall of Causality just like that. Each of them would set up a trap each time reaching a square, and they had filled up one-third of the hall's area with traps within five minutes.

Using their theurgies to set up traps had consumed lots of their strength. Thus, the two of them would rest for a while to replenish their life vitality as the pillars of light were released by the square boulders.

This idiotic method consumed a great deal of life vitality, but they had no choice but to do so if they wanted to pass through this Hall of Causality.

In any case--according to Zen's plan, the dark red grimace would definitely be crushed as long as that the traps covered the squares where all the giant rocks would go through, and that all the traps were activated at the same time.

The others tried their best to help Janet and the short warrior while they dodged the rocks. For instance, the Demon Night woman had tied a light green feather into Janet's hair, which was taken from the Blue Phoenix's head. It allowed one to move effortlessly, and it did save Janet a lot of strength.

However, an unexpected change happened.

Something happened when this "grand project" was halfway set up.

A ray of black light spread from the squares in the hall and released a strange burst of power!

The black light spread out from the ground, but didn't harm any of the martial artists in the hall. However, when it disappeared, so did the traps Janet and the short martial artist had set!


Zen frowned deeply when he saw the scene.

Meanwhile, Janet and the short martial artists were naturally upset.

The other warriors simply remained silent.

What had just happened meant that they weren't allowed to set traps in this Hall of Causality.

Thus, the traps they had set up now were gone in a flash.

"Buzz buzz buzz…"

All the giant square boulders once again lined up in a row, and then released square beams of light.

On the other hand, Janet was already familiar with the boulders' movement patterns. She cal

at the giant boulder, as if he was acting on a conditioned reflex.

The moment the square shaped boulder turned over, Zen had succeeded in throwing the small skull into the bottom!


A muffled bang followed, then everyone saw that the square boulder could no longer turn over now.

Even though the square boulder was unimaginably heavy, it didn't manage to crush the small skull into pieces. The small skull had actually stopped the boulder from turning just like that!

"Be careful of that light beam!" Janet shouted from not far away.

At that point, Zen was still in the same direction where the light shot out from the square boulder.

If the square-shaped light beam had hit him, he would undoubtedly die!

There was a dull thud on the ground. Zen had apparently collapsed!

"Buzz buzz buzz…"

Since the small skull was under the giant boulder, the light pillar that shot out from the boulder was tilted upwards.

Zen had managed to dodge the square pillar of light, but he fell face-flat onto the ground!

While Zen was in that position, he took out another black arrow from his quiver.

The square pillars of light would continue for a few more seconds, so Zen had plenty of time now. His lips curved into a smile as he stared at the dark red grimace. Bow, aim, shoot!


This black arrow whizzed out and was aimed at the grimace along the bottom, which the small skull had held up.

Even then, Zen was still a little worried. After all, he wasn't sure if the dark red grimace was the crux of passing through this Hall of Causality. It was merely their own speculation.


The arrow flew right off and directly nailed itself onto the dark red grimace!

At that moment, all of the light pillars simultaneously came to a halt; and the entire Hall of Causality returned to its calmness.

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