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   Chapter 1586 A Stupid Method

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Over thirty seconds later, the square pillars of light disappeared once again.

Simultaneously, all the giant stones began rolling one more time.

Now that everyone clearly understood the rules of the stones' movement, they all felt slightly more at ease.

These stones only rolled along the squares of the ground. So long as the squares where they stayed were not in line with the stones, they could avoid the pillar of light.


With that, the stones were no longer arranged in a row but instead were scattered and rolled out in every direction.

The eight surviving warriors now followed the rolling of the stones, constantly adjusting their positions.

"We can stand here!"

"Don't stand there! A huge rock is rolling over! That place will be blocked soon."

"Come here!"

After the warriors found their new 'safe spots', they stopped moving and quietly waited for the giant stones to shoot out the square pillars of light.

Although the stones were all in a row just then, one row of squares were the 'safe spots'.

In this moment, all the square boulders were in chaos—their safety spot was split apart.


As the boulders rolled, Zen didn't seem to be in a hurry to find his safe spot. Instead, he was shuttling back and forth between the boulders to examine them.

Since a stone was attacked by the short martial artist from the Blessed Buddha Land, a grimace remained on each side of all the square-shaped boulders.

"The key must be in the grimaces," Zen spoke as his eyes frantically swept across the area.


The moment all the boulders stopped rolling, Zen's eyes flashed.

"Is there something different about the grimace on this boulder?"

Albeit faint, he could see that the color of a grimace on the boulder was slightly different from the others—on the other boulders, the grimaces were simply black lines, but the one on the bottom of the square boulder before him was dark red in color.

But just as Zen tried to move in closer, the stone turned over so that the red grimace was facing the ground. It was then impossible for Zen to lift it up and get a closer look.

At this moment, all the boulders kept still. Left without a better choice, Zen had to give up and find a safe spot nearby. He stood firmly where he was and continued to ponder.


Light pillars shot out from the four sides of all the giant rocks simultaneously. The forty-three giant, square rocks shot out a total of a hundred and seventy-two light pillars in four different directions.

Zen glanced at the terrifying might from wit

to this guy in such a rush?

Under the crushing pressure of the boulders, the purple thunder bamboos would be easily crushed to pieces.

What Zen needed was a trap similar to a divine texture—he had a suitable divine texture in his mind, but right now, it was impossible for him to inscribe one.

At this moment, some of the warriors were still left confused, but Janet and the short martial artist got a good idea of what Zen was planning.

As a square boulder continued to roll along, one side would eventually face the ground, covering the dark red grimace. Then, they could set up traps all over the floor of the hall. So long as the grimace could turn over, it would get caught up in the traps when they were activated at the same time.

Although it seemed pretty stupid, it was an effective method.

"I can do that," Janet said with a smile. "I can summon the Lofty Wood Texture!" With a flick of her fingers, a tiny bit of mysterious texture appeared on the two squares, one in front of her and the other behind.

With only a single thought, she made thorns spread out from the texture. Such was one of Janet's most outstanding skills.

"I can do that too." The short martial artist offered a nod before clasping his hands together. A bolt of thunder from the palm of his hand struck the ground next to him, creating a texture of lighting onto the square.

Not knowing where the square boulders would be moved, this foolish method was time-consuming and exhausting. Because it was necessary to fill in every square in the hall with traps.

But no one could come up with a better idea.

As they dodged, the two summoned their skills to set up traps on the squares of the ground, laying them out in rows.

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