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   Chapter 1585 Square Light Beam

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The moment a square stone pressed down, Zen's face was full of calmness as a white mist rose from his body.

"Eight Smoky Melodies!"

At this moment, Zen's body turned as light as a feather.

Although the rock was rolling incredibly quickly, it was extremely large.

Zen's Eight Smoky Melodies was a quite unique one—such was a movement technique that was like dancing on the tip of a blade.

The faster and stronger the opponent was, the smoother Zen's body could move.

Up until now, only the Crescent Blade under Lucille's feet had managed to break through the three-inch limit set by the Eight Smoky Melodies.

But Zen confidently dodged the stone in front of him.


Under everyone's watchful eyes, the stone came crashing down on Zen.

But at this moment, his body moved strangely—he took steps horizontally, like a leave that had been 'squeezed out' after being disturbed by the palm wind.

"What is this movement technique?"

one of the others blurted out in confusion.

When Zen was out of danger, his figure floated down. But of course, he didn't have time to answer the question because two more square stones began pressing down on him.

After the crowd rushed away from the exit of the hall, they once again began fighting with the rolling stones.

"Thank you for saving my life," the warrior instantly thanked Zen.

With a slight smile, Zen only shook his head. "We are going to venture through the Hall of Causality together. When necessary, we'll need to cooperate with each other and work together. Helping you also means helping myself."

With this, the wariness among the ten of them was fortunately dispelled.

Initially, some warriors had their own selfish thoughts, after all. If anyone was to be crushed by a giant stone, letting their Illusion Points burst out, then the others could naturally take advantage of such an opportunity. Now that they truly wanted to go further, they understood that teamwork became extremely important.

"But with that white grating blocking our way, I wonder how we'll manage to pass…" someone said, already sounding depressed.

"Everyone, be careful. There must be some sort of mechanism here." As everyone retreated, they discussed how to make an escape.

At this time, the short human warrior from the Blessed Buddha Land suddenly offered, "Perhaps the mechanism is on these giant stones."

With that, he turned around to avoid the giant square stone in front of him. Surprisingly, a short sword appeared in his hand—a supreme divine weapon, the Buddha Curse Blade!


His body flashed around the huge rock. While he wasn't able to fly in the hall, his speed just increased dramatically.

The Buddha Curse Blade in his hand slashed lightly across the huge rock.


The moment the

toward Zen as he called out to them.

The moment the last warrior charged into the square where Zen was, the row of giant stones released square beams of light simultaneously.

These square stones were connected to each other, stopping the release of beams from the left and right. But these beams of light from the front and back filled the entire Hall of Causality. There were no blind spots at all.

In total, there were forty-three square stones. But there were forty-four rows of squares in the hall—the one square stone that was missing was the only chance of survival.

The Hall of Causality could definitely be passed in a certain way, meaning that it wouldn't block this single chance of survival. Otherwise, it would be a death trap.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Everyone crowded with Zen before looking at the two sides that were densely covered with enormous beams of light. Their faces were all deathly pale.

Apart from this place, every other place in the hall was already deadly.

Under the beams of light, everyone finally had a chance to catch their breath.

"He shouldn't have attacked the stone just now…" someone criticized the short warrior.

But Zen interjected, "No… I'm afraid if we want to pass through this hall, we'll probably have to do so. It was because of his attack that the attack of the Hall of Causality has evolved to this extent."

If this short martial artist hadn't used the Buddha Curse Blade to attack the square stone, then everyone would have still been chased away by the stones without a way to break it.

"Well then... How are we supposed to break these stones? Everyone might die if we don't dodge in time! We can't just keep this up, right?" someone asked in worry.

Taking a deep breath, Zen looked toward the depths of the Hall of Causality. Then, he said, "The key is probably still those ghost faces!"

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