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   Chapter 1584 Rolling Stones

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Had this been an ordinary rock

then the ten people on the scene wouldn't have even batted an eyelash.

Moreover, even if it was thirty feet tall, it wouldn't even be enough to cause any sort of damage to the sword spirit - of course, that was if it had been an ordinary rock.

But it wasn't. It was a huge stone in the middle of the Hall of Causality. There was surely more to it than met the eye.

The fact that they could not destroy this stone was surely going to give them a headache.

The human warrior who controlled the sword spirit gently shook the long sword which signaled the spirit to retreat.


There was a loud explosion as the giant stone rolled to the side and smashed into the air, causing the entire Hall of Causality to tremble.

The stone continued to roll and followed the sword spirit's path of retreat.

Its speed had now exceeded the sword spirit's dodging speed. The warrior saw this and smiled.

His long sword shook once again and the blue sword spirit suddenly transformed and split into seven to eight blue swords!

The swords scattered in all directions before eventually coming together again and turning into a human-shaped figure. "The second hall isn't that difficult," the warrior said.

He was confident that he'd be able to pass through this hall easily.

However, just as the huge block of stone rolled down, one of its sides was revealed to them.

It was a ghost face and it looked extremely ferocious! It had dark eyes, sharp teeth, and an evil smile. The smile gave chills to anyone who looked at it.

The stone seemed to possess a certain level of intelligence since it was able to identify the controller of the sword spirit.

This sentient block of stone was thirty feet long and thirty feet wide. Each time it rolled, it would do so at an extremely fast rate. Given the rather limited space, it had no problems crossing the entire hall and arriving in front of the human warrior. However, the warrior remained calm.

Despite looking so formidable, this stone could only roll in a limited space. The entire floor of this hall was divided into several squares in a sort of grid pattern. Whenever it rolled, it did so accordin

some sort of mechanism? Or do we have to fulfill a certain condition to pass?' Zen pondered as he dodged the stones.

"Ah! Help!" someone shouted not too far away.

Zen looked and saw a warrior who had gotten himself backed into a corner surrounded by three stones.

Zen quickly shot forward and sent out a palm strike towards the warrior.


Zen's attack sent him flying out of danger while he quickly found a gap between the stones and escaped.


Janet screamed in panic when she saw what he did.

Why in the world would he put himself in danger like that?

She still wanted a chance to challenge him. It would be a shame if he died so early in here.

If he got crushed then he wouldn't have only wasted his five million Illusion Points. He would also lose half of his remaining points and take a plunge in the rankings.

It wasn't just Janet, the others were also equally shocked by Zen's actions. Although they were a team, that was only because they were forced to be. They were far from being a consolidated unit who understood each other completely. Some of them even had enmity with others so it was truly strange for Zen to risk his neck just to save that warrior.

His willingness to sacrifice touched them a bit.

However, they also thought it was really stupid. Nobody would be able to resist the pressure of these stones once they pressed down on you. They would immediately get crushed and die if ever that happend.

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