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   Chapter 1583 Giant Stones

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To be honest, Zen didn't really know what Lucille meant to Janet's heart.

It was known that the Thoughtless Minds had four great clans.

One was Lucille's Ji Clan, and the next one was Janet's Ji Clan, while the other two were the Xuanyuan Clan and the Lie Clan.

It could be said that the four clans were the most famous of their kind among the humans in the universe.

Even those Supreme Lords wouldn't be able to develop their clans to reach the four great clans' level.

The four great clans were great powers that supported the human race. They cooperated well and strengthened their connection with marriages. In addition, they held a great competition amongst themselves. It was safe to say that these four clans affected the thousands of supreme worlds of the Thoughtless Minds.

In one previous great competition among the four clans, Nathan Xuanyuan had not risen to prominence yet.

The image of Lucille standing at the peak was deeply engraved in Janet's mind till now.

For her, almost no human martial artist from the younger generation could fight against Lucille.

Nathan Xuanyuan rose to power primarily because he had merged with the Heavenly Fragment and subsequently became a Godly Genius. If Lucille could truly comprehend the Five Elements Godly Way, she would also be a Godly Genius. If so, Janet felt that Nathan couldn't even match up to Lucille.

No one among the Soul Sea Realm warriors could defeat Lucille. Or at least, that was what Janet thought.

Thus, she was stunned when she suddenly heard Zen said that Lucille had lost.

She stared blankly at Zen, disbelief written all over her pretty face.

The fusion of the five elements that Zen practiced was indeed a Ji Clan's secret technique, but this was not conclusive evidence for Janet that he could defeat Lucille. Perhaps Lucille taught this secret technique to Zen for some reason, but that did not mean that she would lose to him.

Although Zen was confused by Janet's reaction at first, he quickly understood a bit and smiled, "What? You don't believe me?"

Janet stared at Zen and cautiously asked, "When you saw Lucille, what color was the snow behind her?"

"Is it important?" Zen asked curiously. "What color?" Janet repeated.

"White." "Pure white?"

Zen felt exasperated at Janet's question, but she continued.

"Yes! One hundred percent pure white!" he answered helplessly.

Janet sighed in relief when she finally got an answer from him. "No wonder!"

"No wonder what?"

Janet's lips curved into a wide grin.

"I guess you did win against Lucille, but that was only because Lucille exerted half of her strength. Technically, she only used sixty percent of her strength at most," she said with a smile.

Understanding then fell upon Zen's face when

nally completely transformed into that human martial artist's appearance.

"Sword spirit!" Zen's eyes slightly flashed when he saw the warrior's sword spirit.

"What a solid sword spirit!"

"It would be perfect to use a sword spirit to scout the way!"

"Now that we don't understand the rules of this Hall of Causality, we may die early if we're not careful. It's a pity that we don't have any puppeteers in the team."

They had gotten somewhat familiar with the Halls of Causality after they passed the first one.

At first, they were all shocked when they heard the words "Law of Causality." The others would have a hard time passing through the Hall of Causality if someone in the hall had mastered some kind of Law of Causality--even if the one were only at the Soul Sea Realm. After all, some Laws of Causality were too powerful for anyone to risk going against them.

After they had observed for a while, they concluded that the trials in the Hall of Causality had some certain rules. One still had a small chance of passing through after having figured out the rules.

The sword spirit of that warrior was indeed incomparably solid, but it still had some minor flaws compared to Zen's.

When Zen's sword spirit materialized, it was no different from a real person. On the other hand, the human martial artist's sword spirit was still a bit imperfect that one could tell that it was illusory when looking at it closely. However, it was already good enough to be able to condense a sword spirit to this degree.

After the sword spirit took form, it walked towards the center of the hall. Everyone's gazes were fixated on it.

It was still quiet from the hall's entrance to the central section. But just as the sword spirit approached a giant stone, it suddenly shook and rolled before it aggressively crushed down the sword spirit.

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