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   Chapter 1582 She Lost The Battle

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The walls of the Hall of Causality were riddled with the rules of heavens, just like the walls of the main city—they were virtually unbreakable.

After being hit, the small skull unleashed some kind of overwhelming momentum. It bounced so fast that it was impossible for anyone to dodge.

When the crowd witnessed the scene, they were left dumbfounded and stood blankly on the spot, not daring to make a single move.


Suddenly, the small skull shot toward an ogre warrior, smashing right into a spike on his shoulder armor.

The ogre's armor served as a first-rank divine weapon—it constantly absorbed the warrior's life vitality and fused with the warrior's body. Its strength was nothing to scoff at, either.

But the small skull missed by only an inch and collided with the spike, turning it into powder. With that, the ogre's tall and sturdy body got knocked down to the ground.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Then, the skull shot all the way to the endmost wall in the hall and bounced all the way back outside.

The white deflected ray of light bounced out as well.

Throughout the entire scene, no one dared to move.

Staying still was the best thing to do in such a situation.

After the two objects bringing fatal attacks disappeared from the hall, everyone released a sigh of relief.

But the ogre warrior stood from the ground and glared harshly at Zen. "Do you want to kill me? Once we leave this hall, we shall have a duel!"

When the white light hit the small skull, it produced the powerful potential energy. Even though Zen had instantly released his hand, his fingers had still been paralyzed by the vibration. Hearing the ogre's proclamation, Zen stretched out his fingers and faintly smiled, his eyes tinged with a piercing light as he stared at the ogre warrior. Then, he responded, "If you want to challenge me, I accept."

Seeing Zen's calm gaze, the ogre couldn't help but feel a sense of nervousness. The fierceness of Zen's eyes made the ogre stop himself just as he wanted to make some more rude remarks. Although the ogre appeared to be reckless, he was a cautious individual. In the room just then, he had observed the entire process of Zen's cultivation.

Although he couldn't quite understand what Zen cultivated, he could tell from the woman's reaction that Zen was extremely powerful. Earlier, he had challenged him recklessly out of anger, but he wasn't confident about fighting him. Currently, he only held five million Illusion Points, having spent all of them just to enter the Hall of Causality. It would be such a waste if he was driven out of the hall if Zen defeated him.

Many of the other warriors were also left displeased. But it wasn't the time for them to quarrel about anything. Now that the rules of the first Hall of Causality were clear to everyone, it was actually very easy to pass through it so long as they took good control of the speed and frequency. For

ur great clans which made it very powerful.

Although these four great groups were called clans, they had an influence that went beyond that of the average tenth-grade sacred place. Anyone of these clans was more powerful than some entire races in the universe.

But the main reason why they were so outstanding was that there were Supreme Lords supporting and guarding these four great clans.

Janet Ji was particularly remarkable, second only to the ace talents in the four clans.

"Janet... Well, it is a good name," Zen said with a smile.

Returning the smile, Janet said, "The cultivation method you practiced just now was very familiar to me. I've seen one of my friends practice it before. I don't know if..."

For a long time, she had been very curious about the origins of Zen's cultivation method. But they hadn't been familiar with each other before then, so she knew that she couldn't get an answer out of him just any time.

"Your friend? "Who?" Zen asked.

After a moment of thought, she replied, "Lucille Ji."

Hearing this, Zen smiled again. "It so happens that the secret skill I cultivate was acquired from this woman."

"Oh! You've seen Lucille, then?" The news was rather surprising. Never did she think that Zen would have learned such a secret skill from her. Why would Lucille teach him this cultivation method? Spreading the Ji Clan's secret technique was quite a crime. Even if she was an ace talent, she wouldn't be forgiven for having done such a thing.

"I've seen her and I've fought with her."

"Fought… Were you defeated by her?" Still pondering over the secret technique, Janet suddenly uttered the question upon hearing what Zen said.

While she could see that Zen was indeed a powerful warrior, he was still nothing compared to Lucille in her eyes.

"She lost the battle."

This made Janet stop in her steps. After climbing up a few more steps, Zen turned around and asked, "What's wrong?"

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