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   Chapter 1581 First Hall

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The white jade staircase was about twenty feet wide. From the foot of this majestic mountain, there were hundreds of thousands of steps cut into the mountain to the summit.

Although flying was prohibited, the speed maintained by this group of ten wasn't slow either.

With the white-clothed woman's warning, the ten of them had lowered their vigilance quite a bit.

After all, in this supreme world, these ten people were basically all ranked in the top thousand, while in the entire Illusion Battlefield, they were ranked in the top hundred thousand.

No one had earned more confidence that they would be able to defeat the rest of the group in one go. Not to mention that the woman in white robes had even told them that they would be awarded ten million Illusion Points in the Hall of Causality. They would clearly face no obstacles or danger here.

Along the way, the white-clothed woman took the lead with Zen following closely behind. The other martial artists maintained a measured distance and made the ascent at a steady pace. Behind them, the short martial artist from the human race brought up the rear.

After tirelessly climbing for five minutes, the group stopped in front of a large hall set half way into the mountain. The staircase extended through the hall, and connected to the stairs at the back. If they wanted to continue climbing, they would have to pass through this hall.

This hall was entirely white and had a magnificent appearance. It was unknown what material was used to construct it, but there were no signs or warnings on the outside wall.

Among the ten, this was the second time that the woman in white had entered the Hall of Causality. None of the rest of the group had done so before. The eyes of the crowd were fixed on the woman in white, who boldly led them.

The woman in white smiled and said, "This is the first Hall of Causality. It isn't too difficult to pass through. Everyone can enter now."

Zen nodded. Since he had already spent five million Illusion Points, he didn't hesitate anymore.

Therefore, everyone followed behind Zen and walked into the hall.

There was nothing inside, the hall was empty.

All of the martial artists present had already explored several mystic places within the Illusion Battlefield.

A sense of caution rose in everyone's heart in the face of this apparently empty building, including Zen.

It was just like when he had entered the top of the Sacred Ailanthus, although its surroundings were quiet, it had actually been extremely dangerous. If he had been like any other martial artist who was careless, he would have perished immediately.

But even someone as strong as Zen had no idea of how to deal with the pile of small skulls ravenously chasing behind him!

Seeing how cautious everyone was, the woman in white smiled and said, "Don't be too nervous. This is the first Hall of Causality. It won't be too difficult."

"What's in the Hall of Causality?" someone asked.

The woman in white smiled and said, "As the name implies, the rules of the heavens are used as a method of attack in the Hall of Causality. Every attack contains the Law of Causality!"


came out.

Sometimes the light would suddenly cross the hall, stop in the middle of the space for a moment, and then unpredictably accelerate to the other side of the hall.

Sometimes, the light would rush from one side of the hall to the other at a speed that the group could not even see clearly. It would wait for a few seconds before repeating itself.

These beams of light could be seen moving around in regular patterns. To these martial artists, this was just a small trick. As they became more familiar with the patterns of the light, their minds became more relaxed and their speed picked up, becoming faster.

"We still have another hundred feet before we pass through this hall," the woman in white said. She seemed to have become the undisputed leader of this group.

"What's the reward for passing through the first hall?" the ogre martial artist asked.

"You'll know once we get there," the woman in white said with a mysterious smile.

At this moment, Zen suddenly stopped in his tracks. He looked at the white light that passed close by him, and once again had the idea of throwing off the skulls behind him.

'Would this white light be able to destroy those small skulls?'

As he thought of this, Zen once again took out a small skull from behind him. Carefully holding the bottom of the skull with his hand, he placed it on the track of the white ray of light.


The white beam of light suddenly shot out and instantly struck the small skull!

At the same time, Zen instantly felt an enormous power in his hand, the strength of which far exceeded Zen's imagination! It was probably many times more powerful than the power that Zen had lit up with all his dragon scales!

Zen's expression changed drastically, and he immediately let go of the skull!

He witnessed the white ray of light being deflected away by the small skull, heading towards the ceiling of the Hall of Causality.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Other than the white ray of light ricocheting in all directions, the black skull was also bouncing up and down at an extremely fast speed in this Hall of Causality!

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