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   Chapter 1580 Trying To Break The Small Skulls

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After the four walls collapsed, they immediately disappeared. The ceiling above their heads also vanished in a flash.

Before them appeared a majestic mountain.

This massive mountain was submerged in thick white clouds and surrounded by mist. It looked like something straight out of a fairyland.

The ten warriors, including Zen, stood on a platform at the foot of the mountain.

"The iron ticket only mentioned the Hall of Causality. Why is there a giant mountain before us?" Zen asked curiously.

The others had no reply to Zen's query. After all, it was the first time that most of them had entered this place, so they could not answer his question.

"Once we go up the mountain, we will understand what the Hall of Causality is," the woman in white said with a smile. "All the restrictions will be dismissed after we leave this platform," she added, "but I do not want you all to fight each other."

"And why should we follow your orders?" A sinister voice floated over them. It belonged to one of the warriors.

Some martial artists had well thought-out plans of making their moves.

Since everyone present could afford to spend five million Illusion Points to enter the Hall of Causality, they most definitely had plenty of Illusion Points left.

The white-clothed woman kept smiling. "The Illusion Points you can get at the Hall of Causality will be more than tens of millions. If you have good fortune, you may even be able to get your hands on some supreme divine weapons that are yet to appear. So if you people want to waste your time and strength engaging in fights over here, go ahead!"

Hearing this, realization dawned on the warriors.

Since the warriors could get into the Hall of Causality, they obviously possessed a good number of Illusion Points. Even after paying up five million Illusion Points, they must have several more left with them.

Illusion Points were accumulated bit by bit, from the numerous battles they all had participated in.

But now they had the opportunity to acquire over ten million Illusion Points in the Hall of Causality.

Moreover, they might be able to acquire supreme divine weapons.

Considering this, the warriors who had previously planned to fight the others now hesitated.

The woman in white no longer needed to worry about this issue. She nodded at Zen. "Let's go!"

She was the first to step down the platform and onto the stairs of the mountain.

Zen's eyes twinkled. From what the woman in white said, it seemed that he could obtain a large number of Illusion Points here.

That number could even be over ten million.

No wonder his ranking had dropped instead of rising!

Most of the warriors ranked before him had probably entered the Hall of Causality already.

Compared to the way he had plundered his I

he limits of the heavens, so the heavens could not stand them.

Warriors today assumed that it was the reason why the ancient sorcerer race vanished from the universe in one night alone.

However, more than a billion years had passed since the disappearance of the ancient sorcerer race. It had long ago become a story sealed away by time, and the speculations that went about were not one hundred percent true.

"Let's go. I forgot to mention that flying is prohibited in the Hall of Causality, so we can only climb the stairs step by step," the white-robed woman said and continued climbing up the winding stairs without pause.

Zen followed behind her.

At the same time, the eight warriors behind Zen continuously tried out their own methods to try and break the tiny skulls.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! I can't split it! My Dark Demon Saber has been damaged by the skull!"

The ogre held a black saber in his hand, his face full of sorrow. His saber was also a first rank divine weapon, but the small skull remained undamaged with its cut. A half-moon crack appeared on his saber.

Fortunately, the weapons used in the Illusion Battlefield were still safe and sound in the outside world. Otherwise, the ogre would have undeniably been pissed.

Now his saber was damaged, and there were many battles ahead of him. Without his first rank divine weapon, it would be tough for him to continue fighting.

Hearing the ogre's words, the other seven warriors stared at him as if he was an idiot.

They had only been curious about the little skulls so they picked up some from behind Zen. Was there really a need to work so hard with it?

Of course, no one could break through a single small skull, so they had given up. The small skulls flew back to Zen, their small white teeth tightly biting his back. The other eight warriors followed Zen and ascended the stairs.

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