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   Chapter 1579 Ten Warriors

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Undeniably, Zen had not been entirely successful.

During his fight with Lucille, she had struck out with her palm, drawing out a magnetic power thousands of times stronger than Zen's.

Zen had just now suppressed the laws of five elements and forcefully extracted the magnetic power...

He was able to draw out a strand of the magnetic power after only three trials. Lucille would probably have been stupefied if she had witnessed the scene.

That had been too rapid by far...

In her time, she had been sent to Magnetic Sacred Mountain by the patriarch of the Ji Clan to cultivate for three years!

She had only managed to extract a sliver of the magnetic power at the end of the second year, but Zen had merely spent an hour on the entire process.

The woman in white was a core disciple of another large clan in the Thoughtless Minds and was only second to the ace talents. She had known how intimidating the ace talents were from a young age.

Among other warriors of age, Lucille was like a proud phoenix, always superior to the others. She was cared for and doted by her elders at all times. The strength that Lucille displayed far surpassed that of her friends and peers.

The woman in white was naturally unwilling to be inferior to Lucille. The difference in their talent levels troubled her. In secret, she had worked hard in her cultivation, trying to close the chasm between her and Lucille. She had made up her mind to surpass Lucille, come hell or high water. However, despite her ambitions, she still had a grasp on reality. There were warriors in this world who were far different from her. Even if she worked harder, the gap between her and Lucille might only become larger...

This was the strength of the ace talent.

As an ace talent, Lucille had spent six years only mastering this secret skill. However, it only took Zen some minutes to start to comprehend it. Was he a monster?

The woman was curious to see how much of the clan's secret skill Zen could comprehend in the short time, but Zen had put away the Magnetic Sacred Mountain for the moment...

It was not that Zen was unwilling to continue cultivating, but fighting was prohibited in this room. Drawing out even a stream of that magnetic power would come to waste.

After putting away the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, Zen did not stop cultivating. He continuously used chaotic energy to transform the five types of Law Power in his palm, seeking that sense of balance.

Only after the five types of Law Power were fully balanced could he employ the magnetic power with ease.

Suddenly, a thin line became visible on one of the walls in the room. The line appeared on a corner and then spread. After spreading for about seven feet on the wall, it turned to a right angle, forming the outline of a door.

Buzz, buzz...

The entire door began to glow. Not l

e room.

The ogre warrior's eyes were still provoking, but he did not shout anymore...

After the entry of the warrior with the round hat, another thin line appeared on another wall. Another door opened.

The seventh warrior entered the room.

She was a woman from the Demon Night. Without causing any disturbance, she glanced at everyone in the room and kept her back against the wall, maintaining an upright posture. She took out a long arrow from her bag and ceaselessly traced the bright arrowhead with her fingers.

Quite a few warriors in this supreme world had obtained iron tickets, and they were all attentive of the others who had them too.

Most of them hesitated before using the iron tickets. After all, it cost them five million Illusion Points to enter the Hall of Causality, which meant that they chose to part reluctantly with what they treasured.

However, as more and more warriors entered the Hall of Causality, some of the warriors who had been hesitating outside grew more resolute.

The number of warriors in the room increased rapidly.

Less than three minutes after the Demon Night woman entered the room, another door was pushed open.

The eighth warrior...

It was an ogre warrior.

Within seconds, another door opened.

The ninth warrior...

The tenth warrior!

Zen had waited in the room for about half a day, and now ten people were finally gathered here.

"All of us are here now." The woman in white smiled, stood up, and then said to Zen, "All right, we can set out now."

The woman did not give off an air of hostility. She was instead very polite to Zen. Zen smiled back. "But there's no door in this room. Which direction should we go in now?"

"There is no need to move at all. Just stand where you are," the woman in white replied.

Right after this, the walls around the room collapsed with a loud bang, giving way to the outside...

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