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   Chapter 1578 The Balance Of The Five Elements

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The Law Power of the five elements was independent of the other Original Laws. In most ways, it was the most original Law Power of this world.

Most substances were made up of the five elements.

It was quite easy for any warrior to utilise the Law Power of one element

since many cultivation methods were driven by the Law Power or used it to perform a specific skill.

When displaying certain special martial skills, one was required to fuse two or three types of Law Power together or use them alternately in order to achieve the desired results. This skill asked for a massive amount of practice and comprehension.

For most ordinary warriors, simply comprehending five different types of Law Power was already astonishing enough. But it was not so difficult for Zen.

However, the secret method of the Ji family demanded an absolute balance between the Law Power of the five elements, namely the power of Metal Law, Wood Law, Water Law, Fire Law, and Earth Law. This could prove to be an enormous challenge, even for Zen.

In fact, balancing the powers of the five elements was an incomparably powerful martial skill.

The Five-element Palm Print that Lucille had used was a combination of this secret method and a palm martial skill. It was a dynamic and strong skill, but since Lucille's two bodies had not merged into one, she failed to balance the powers of the five elements perfectly.

At this moment, Zen's thumb flashed with a dazzling golden light. If anyone made the mistake of looking at it directly, they would feel a pricking behind their eyes. This was the power of the Metal Law.

On his index finger emanated a warm and flickering flame. This was the power of the Fire Law.

A heavy aura exuded from his middle finger — the power of the Earth Law.

His ring finger was enveloped in watery waves — the power of the Water Law.

As for his small finger, it brimmed with the green energy of life — the power of the Wood Law.

Although Zen could not balance these five Law Powers perfectly either, his fingers were still able to firmly clasp on to them because of the advantage of his chaotic energy.

The woman in white looked at Zen's hand and was shocked to see the powers on his fingers.

Like Lucille, the woman was also a member of the Thoughtless Minds. Her family was as huge as the Ji family. Although she was inferior to Lucille in terms of status and talent, she still recognized that the fusion of the five elements was a secret technique unique to the Ji family. Moreover, it was the most noteworthy cultivation method of the family's patriarch.

This secret method, as far as she knew, was not allowed to be taught to outsiders.

So how did this young man before her not only refine a Magnetic Sacred Mountain, but also learn the Ji family's secret technique?


the mountain, he began to draw out the magnetic power of the secret method.


Another palm imprint appeared on the other side of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain. The shape and size of the imprint was much the same as the one left by Zen.


But Zen failed to hold on any longer. The powers of the five elements dispersed from his hand once again.

However, at the very moment that the powers departed, Zen's eyes flashed with comprehension. He quickly encircled his hands around the Magnetic Sacred Mountain and caused it to rotate like a top.

As his hands circled around it, a gray ray of light took shape on his palm.

The light was like an imprint as it hovered on Zen's palm. It stayed for a moment before it quickly started to dissipate. In mere three seconds, the light vanished into thin air.

'So this is the magnetic power?' Zen wondered.

It was a pity that fighting was prohibited in this room. Otherwise, he would have tried to test the might of the magnetic power. Still, even though Lucille had boasted about this powerful skill, Zen did not take it seriously.

After all, he was the owner of the fairy palace, and the palace was equivalent to a treasure mountain. He did not care for the cultivation methods of other origins.

What he did not know was that he had grossly underestimated the magnetic power.

The magnetic power was a significant part of the cultivation of the Five Elements Godly Way. To some extent, this was somewhat inferior to Zen's Emotion Closing Godly Way, but it was still a Godly Way in any case!

As for the woman who had been observing Zen from the sidelines, her mouth opened in surprise when she saw Zen draw out the stream of magnetic power. Utter disbelief was written all over her face.

'Hasn't he only just started to learn the secret technique of the Ji family? How is this possible?' she wondered.

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