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   Chapter 1577 In The Room

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Zen's efficiency in gathering Illusion Points was not slow!

There was no need to tire himself with travelling. All he needed to do was take out the Teleportation Token to get to his next destination. This made everything extremely convenient and saved him a lot of time as well.

However, he still had a long way to go when it came to bridging the gap between him and other top warriors in terms of the number of Illusion Points they had gathered.

Why was this the case? Had he missed something?

Did the other top warriors know something he didn't?

Zen took out the iron ticket and a voice immediately spoke in his mind.

"You can enter the Hall of Causality after paying five million Illusion Points. A total of ten warriors is required to open the hall, and six more are needed. Would you like to pay the Illusion Points?"

What? Six more? That meant six more warriors were needed to open the hall.

Back when Zen first got the ticket, only three more people were needed.

Why did the number get higher?

"Oh, wait, I just realized. Ten warriors have already opened the Hall of Causality. The four who are currently waiting must be another group,"

he said to himself.

Five million Illusion Points was a lot, even for Zen.

But it seemed there were still a few who were willing to make such a risky bargain.

It was terribly difficult to gather Illusion Points. Warriors didn't just stand in a queue outside the main city for him to kill. He could kill dozens but still gathered only less than a million Illusion Points.

There were tons of warriors around but not many of them were as strong and loaded with points as Lucille.

It seemed he had no choice but to enter the Hall of Causality despite the terribly high price it asked of him.

Zen made his decision and infused a thought into the iron ticket.

"I'd like to pay the Illusion Points."

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

With his consent, the Illusion Points immediately shot out from his body.

Five million Illusion Points was quickly extracted from Zen and transferred onto the iron ticket. Due to the sheer amount of points to be transferred, the process naturally took quite a long time.

Zen couldn't help but let his thoughts wander as he gazed at these yellow Illusion Points.

What were they used for exactly? Were they simply for the sake of the rankings?

It couldn't be that simple. Could it? Did the Illusion Battlefield and its point s


The woman in white also stared at the mountain but her eyes were wide and she was the only one who chose to break the silence.

"Hey, is that a refined Magnetic Sacred Mountain?" she asked Zen with a cold, stiff voice.

She was well aware of how difficult it was to refine the Magnetic Sacred Mountain. In fact, it was close to impossible. But this guy seemed to have done it! She just couldn't help but be slightly amazed.

Zen nodded. "Yes," he answered.

After that, Zen undid the seal on the jade slip and started to absorb the secret techniques written there.

The woman, on the other hand, was already sizing Zen up and beginning to figure out his background. She lamented at the fact that she couldn't really ask too many questions despite being so curious as to how he refined the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

The magnetic power

was a fusion of the five elements.

The power of the five laws must be balanced and had to be circulated all at the same time.

The more balanced the powers were, the easier it would be to extract them, but this was difficult since the five laws were not naturally in sync with each other.

This was the first information Zen was able to absorb from the jade slip.

He had to circulate the five different Original Laws

and maintain equilibrium among them.

As he thought of this, he then derived five streams of chaotic energy from his belly.

The energy flowed into his fingers and through his meridians.

Numerous rays of light appeared at the end of his fingers with the appearance of five different Law Powers. However, none of them was at a balanced state.

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