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   Chapter 1576 Weapons

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Zen began to exert more effort to drag the skull into the city, his feet clinging onto a piece of brick on the city wall.

The power within his body, which was enough to topple the mountains and overturn the seas, surged out violently.

If he had been standing on top of a wall made of ordinary bricks and stone, the wall would have collapsed like tofu.

But this main city of the Illusion Battlefield was indestructible, and even with this level of power unleashed, the city wall beneath his feet didn't budge at all.

On the other hand, the target that had to withstand Zen's power was the small skull outside the city. The rule that fighting was forbidden in the city was void in this situation.

However, that invisible force turned out to be like an insurmountable wall! Even after Zen had activated all the dragon scales, he was still unable to drag the small skull into the main city.

The skull kept grinding its teeth on his hand and even bit Zen's fingers.

Feeling a sharp sting on his hand, Zen had no choice but to let go of the skull.

It would be impossible to destroy these small skulls by taking advantage of the power of the city's rules.

This main city was indestructible. Even if Zen unleashed his full strength, he wouldn't be able to destroy its walls, because there was an invisible power of rules protecting the place.

And for that same reason, it was impossible for Zen to pull this little skull into the main city!

This group of small skulls was a curse that had been cast by the sorcerer race. Once these skulls had been summoned, they would continuously launch attacks at their target. This was also why the main city kept them outside.

Only if Zen had the power to destroy the main city would he be able to bring the small skulls inside. However, if Zen's power was that strong, he wouldn't need to rely on the city's power of rules to kill the small skulls in the first place. He could directly crush them!

Looking at the skulls that were constantly moving around in the air, Zen shook his head and walked a few steps along the wall of the main city. The skulls also moved along the wall of the main city, following him like a shadow.

"These damned things…"

Zen was speechless as he stared at the small skulls with horrible white teeth.

Many ogre martial artists stared at Zen as he paced back and forth, each one of them becoming more and more confused. They had no idea what he was trying to do.

After Zen had walked a few steps on the top of the city wall, he frowned as he looked at the small skulls. Suddenly, he jumped out of the city and grabbed another small skull. Immense power surged out from his arm as he grabbed it and threw it at the main city.

This small skull flew toward the main city like a meteor with extreme force.


When the skull reached the main city, it collided against an i

en before.

'The Night Group is a small race in the Upper World. However, the buildings of this group are exquisite and meticulous, ' Zen thought and looked around as he walked toward the walls of the main city.

The Night Group was a group that was rich in assassins. Zen had encountered them before on the Sea God Continent.

This group was skilled in the art of assassination, but hiding and assassinating would not take them far. They couldn't become a mainstream force.

When Zen arrived at the city walls, his eyebrows twitched. Those several hundred small skulls were already waiting for him outside the city.

The Teleportation Token had brought him at least ten million miles away, but it seemed that these little skulls could actually ignore the boundaries of space and reach this place at almost the same time as he had. The sorcerer race's spells were really amazing.


Zen could only use these small skulls to continue to "clean up" the city of the Night Group.

Even though the members of the Night Group of the Upper World were adept at assassinations, their skills were useless on Zen since he had magic vision.

He found it much easier to clean up this place than cleaning up the ogre city.

After a few rounds of killing, no one dared to leave the city.

'I have to move to another place now.' Zen's eyes were indifferent as he quietly left this main city.

However, this time, he did not take out his Teleportation Token. Instead, he took out the iron ticket.

Zen had wiped out most sheep of the two cities and had accumulated quite a lot of Illusion Points. However, his ranking was still falling.

His ranking in this supreme world had fallen below 300th while his ranking in the entire Illusion Battlefield had fallen below 17, 000th!

If he continued to rely on gathering Illusion Points by killing around these main cities, his rankings wouldn't rise at all.

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