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   Chapter 1575 Power Of The Main City

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Zen did not return to the main city of the Demon Night with Aurora and Amber.

The speed at which they traveled through the Deadwood Gate and received Illusion Points wasn't at all slow, where ordinary martial artists were concerned, but it was still far from enough for Zen. His quest for success was insatiable, and he would only accept the very best and fastest.

Another consideration was that after Zen came to the Deadwood Gate, the Illusion Points that had been distributed to Aurora would naturally decrease. She probably didn't want him to stay either.

Outside the Deadwood Gate, many of the Demon Night warriors witnessed Zen's transformation into a streak of light that headed north.

Amber watched Zen's departure with a complicated look on her face.

Aurora glanced over at Amber and knew instinctively what she was thinking.

After all, he probably represented the last sliver of a chance for her to regain her freedom, and that had meaning, no matter how small that chance was.

"I feel that Zen is already strong enough to fight the ace talents of the major powers. He might even be able to fight for a place in the top one hundred of the Illusion Battlefield," Aurora said by way of encouragement.

The top one hundred of the Illusion Battlefield, no matter where those martial artists were placed in the top one hundred, would be considered exceptional and without par!

They would be considered to be the blessed ones of the world!

Some of them had rare and special bloodlines. Some had no peers to their innate talents. Others even had heaven-defying karmic luck.

Out of a vast multitude of martial artists, only these kinds of warriors were qualified to be called the ace talents.

Amber was silent for a long time, her eyes fixed on the disappearing streak of light. When Zen had completely disappeared from sight, she said, "Zen will win in the Illusion Battlefield."

When Aurora heard her words and sensed the power of her conviction, a peculiar color appeared in her eyes.

'Win? Contest for first place?

Amber is a bit too optimistic, ' Aurora thought realistically.

Admittedly, Zen's strength was amazing, far surpassing that of an ordinary warrior of the Soul Sea Realm. With the strength that Zen had displayed now, even an ordinary Spirit Supreme Realm warrior wouldn't be able to last one round against him.

But the competition he faced now was even more terrifying!

There were the ace talents from various races.

For instance, the strength of Eunice from the Demon Night was unfathomable. It would definitely not be easy for Zen to win, added to which, there were so many races in the universe. Every one of them had a strong competitor. Zen would have to face and best them all to win the Illusion Battlefield.

Amber's faith in Zen was a bit too blind.

However, Aurora wasn't going to point that out. If Zen was truly able to do it, she would be happy for Amber. Perhaps, he could really rescue Amber out of that purgatory in three years!

It would take about twelve hours to open the Deadwood G

onto his body, Zen once again entered the main city. The invisible force protecting the city once again isolated the small skulls from him, by keeping them outside!

As for the ogre martial artists inside and outside of the main city, when they saw this bizarre scene, they stared at each other blankly.

"What is this fellow doing?"

"At first, I even thought that those skulls were his weapons. It seems that he wanted to bring those skulls into the main city."

"I don't understand..."

Only moments before, Zen had used a thunderous method to kill an ogre expert. So while they were discussing him, they cautiously lowered their voices, awed by his power.

Zen thought for a while with a frown etched on his brow. He was standing on top of the city wall, when he suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed a small skull with lightning fast speed. He then pulled the snapping skull towards himself!

He had originally been standing on the edge of the main city. If he took one step forward, then he would be outside of the city; and if he took one step back, then he would be inside of the city.

However, when Zen pulled the skull inside over the edge of the city wall, he immediately felt an obvious resistance!

This power obviously did not emanate from these small skulls because Zen could throw them tens of thousands of feet away if he caught them.

There seemed to be a forbidden zone over the main city, resisting the entry of these small skulls!

Aurora was right!

If he could bring these small skulls into the main city, he could indeed rely on the powerful rules of the main city to kill them.

The problem now was that he couldn't get them in at all!

Zen stood on top of the city wall, gripped the small skull tightly and dragged it towards the city wall. The resistance was powerful, and the veins bulged on Zen's burly arms as he used his awesome physical strength, yet still the skull did not come any further into the city. During this process, Zen also slowly activated the power of the dragon scales!

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