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   Chapter 1574 Annoying Little Skulls

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Zen had worked so hard at the very top of the Sacred Ailanthus but all he got were this iron ticket, these annoying skulls and their painful bites!

He quickly swept his gaze and didn't see anything else that was special about the treetop anymore.

He even activated his magical eyes and focused his gaze on the thirteen giant eyeballs.

Zen licked his lips. "I wonder what reward I might get if these eyeballs were shattered."

Thinking quickly, Zen jumped up and broke through the fog, flying towards those huge eyeballs in the sky.

However, just as he got close, a huge invisible force stopped him and slapped him away from the sky!


The force was extremely shocking and also painful! Zen didn't have a choice but to stop and fall from his ascent.

His body recoiled and he quickly fell from the tree.

His instinctual reaction was to immediately try to stop the momentum of his fall.

However, he quickly realized that he was powerless against the formless energy that currently surrounded him so he simply resigned himself to his fate and let gravity do its thing.

At the base of the Sacred Ailanthus, Amber, Aurora, and the rest of the team waited for Zen to come down.

A few of them had started theorizing why he still hadn't come down.

"That guy... Could he have been sent back to the main city?" Aurora raised her head but couldn't really make anything out of the thick fog that covered the tree.

If Zen had been sent back to the main city, that meant he would have died up there.

"It would be a pity if that was the case. He has so many Illusion Points. It'll just be left up there on top of the tree," Vivian remarked.

Amber, however, shook her head. "I don't think he died."

"But it has been so long...!"

Just as Aurora finished her words, a shadow burst through the fog and fell to the ground.


The force of the impact caused the entire ground to tremble for a few seconds.

Noticing the hole that had formed on the ground, Amber quickly went towards the crash site.

"Zen!" she shouted, seeing Zen climbing out of the hole. "Are you okay?" Zen smiled at Amber's concern.

"Don't worry. I'm fine."

Aurora floated over like a butterfly but, just as she was about to speak, quickly noticed a dark mass on top of her head. She looked up and her jaw almost fell to the ground after seeing a number of small skulls floating above her.

It wasn't just her, Amber and the rest of the Demon Night members were also taken aback by this surprise.

"Be careful!" Amber yell

hibited inside the main cities. This rule was inevitable since it was constructed by the heavens. He didn't think these skulls would be able to violate such absolute laws.

With no option left, maybe Zen should try entering a main city.

He had previously set off from the Demon Night's main city and travelled twenty thousand miles north before arriving at the Deadwood Gate. Near here, there were two main cities, one to the north and one to the west.

He'd honestly do anything right now just to get rid of these pesky skulls.

"Other than these little skulls, what else did you get? Could it be a hundred fruits?" Aurora asked.

She knew she'd never make it up there but she was still curious about what Zen had acquired from the top.

Zen's eyes widened. A hundred fruits would be worth ten million points!

He immediately took out his iron ticket but sighed in defeat, "No, not a single fruit. I didn't even get one measly point. All I got are this and the annoying skulls. Apparently, I need to lose five million Illusion Points!"

Aurora gasped in amazement, "Five million?!" She herself had only managed to accumulate no more than 2 million Illusion Points and her rate hadn't been slow at all.

What was so special with that iron ticket? Zen had directly been asked to pay so many Illusion Points!

To enter the Hall of Causality, one would have to pay five million Illusion Points. Just what kind of priceless reward awaited there to warrant such a high price? Not many people would know since not many people really had that amount of points to begin with.

However, Zen didn't really have the time to think about this with so many annoying skulls still on his back.

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