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   Chapter 1573 Hall Of Causality

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Zen punched the two palm-sized skulls twice!

However, he didn't put those small skulls in his eyes. His hands barely felt any pain when he punched the skulls since he used just a fraction of his strength!

Zen thought that it was enough to shatter them.

What he didn't know was that the skulls wouldn't shatter. He was shocked to see that they only flew away.

They were catapulted a few hundred meters away and even passed through two giant skulls. What was more shocking was they circled back with open mouths, aiming to bite Zen!

These small skulls… They were quite unusual!



In addition, Zen heard more curses that came from the surrounding giant skulls at the same time.

Black vortexes then surrounded Zen like a blanket of smoke as small skulls arose from them.

"They really can't be broken?" Zen murmured.

He crushed the figure on the ground, then grabbed a small skull with a wave of his right hand.


This time, Zen had used the power of ten thousand dragon scales!

A surging force flowed through Zen's right arm and into his five fingers. This turbulent force enabled him to even twist a divine weapon.


This small skull was like a solid boulder as it withstood Zen's strength. Zen was still unable to crush it even he had used such a strong power.

20, 000 dragon scales!

30, 000 dragon scales!

It was such a small skull but Zen had already exhausted almost all his strength. He had even used the power of the dragon scales to make all the forceful energy in his body erupt.

Yet, the small skull still didn't crack at all!

To make things worse, the other small skulls also rushed towards Zen at the same time to bite him.

"Ke! Ke! Ke!"

Zen quickly spun and kicked away all the skulls. Then, he suddenly moved in a flash in an attempt to kill the beings hidden inside the enormous skulls first.


One by one, Zen broke through the giant skulls.

Luckily, it wasn't hard to deal with the ragged creatures in black cloaks.

It was almost impossible to escape from Zen while he used his full strength.

His body was like a snake that slithered along the treetop. He destroyed and killed the giant skulls and creatures one by one.

After a while, Zen noticed that he increasingly got closer to the top of the tree.

He finally realized that if he wanted to leave this maze, he'd have to destroy it.

Although Zen had come up with a solution to the problem and it wasn't difficult for him to get close to the purple light, a new problem arose. What should he do with these small skulls?

He originally thought the small skulls which were summoned by the strange creatures would disappear after he had killed thos

e proud invention of the ancient sorcerer race, and each of them had a different virulence. Some poisons could cause one's entire body to fester and die, while others would hide in the body of a martial artist for several years before erupting--then once they exploded, there would be nothing left of their victims. The poisons could even devour their victim's body.

However, it would be a reckless waste for them to use these poisons to Zen.

The steps were covered in all sorts of poisonous fog. It might be a natural moat for ordinary warriors, which they couldn't pass through at all.

On the other hand, Zen passed through them with ease and finally arrived in front of the ball of purple light!

The ball of purple light floated in the air like a bluish wave. Zen observed it, and his face turned sour with disappointment.

"If there are no fruits, and no Illusion Points, then what is this?"

Then, he saw a rectangular iron ticket which floated in the middle of the purple ball of light.

He reached out into the ball and grabbed at the rectangular iron ticket. Curiosity flashed in his eyes.

Zen's gaze froze when he grabbed the iron ticket and saw three words on it--"Hall of Causality".

At that same moment, the iron ticket had conveyed a thought to him.

"You can enter the Hall of Causality after paying five million Illusion Points. A total of ten warriors is required to open the hall, and three more are needed. Would you like to pay the Illusion Points?"

Zen was stunned at the words from the voice that echoed in his head!

"I've painstakingly roamed the top of this tree for so long, it's even fine if you don't give me Illusion Points--but now I'm actually supposed to pay five million Illusion Points?" Zen said. Torn with his feelings, he had no idea whether to laugh or cry.

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