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   Chapter 1572 Ancient Race And Shadow Creature

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"There are a total of thirteen giant eyeballs. These eyeballs should represent some kind of vital symbol of the sorcerer race. They might even represent the supreme existence of their tribe..."

Previously, Zen had speculated that this enormous Illusion Battlefield could have been constructed according to the omnipotent will of the heavens, and that this will contained the vast expanse of memories from the heavens.

During this grand era, it contained all of these: the civilizations that were created, the civilizations that were destroyed, and the civilizations that had survived. They all appeared one after another in the Illusion Battlefield.

For example, the temple that Zen had entered was derived from the Blessed Buddha Land.

And this Sacred Ailanthus in front of him contained the origins from the sorcerer race.

In the vast universe, after billions of years had passed, there were countless new civilizations that had formed.

Some civilizations were short-lived and disappeared into the river of history, becoming mere flotsam in the grand scheme of things. Others grew stronger and thrived, such as the human race, the Demon Night, and so on.

In that temple, Zen had obtained a Teleportation Token that had allowed him to freely travel through this supreme world.

What then awaited him at the top of the Sacred Ailanthus?

If for being safe and sound, then Zen could have chosen to not enter this place. Moreover, he could use the Teleportation Token to escape from any predicament, now that he could use it again!

Actually, there was nothing that would threaten his life, since everyone and everything in the Illusion Battlefield were only projections. But all of the warriors were working hard, and Zen obviously would not choose to retreat from a fight.

Moreover, he had just checked his ranking. Although he had obtained over two million Illusion Points, in the end his ranking didn't rise but fell!

The warriors ranked ahead of Zen had either used some special methods to plunder more Illusion Points, or had discovered something that Zen had yet to find.

If Zen didn't want to fight now, his ranking would plummet!

Outside the gray fog, those huge eyeballs were just quietly floating in the air, without any conscious movement, as if they were just part of a strange background.

Zen naturally was unworried and didn't care about them. He stood there hesitating for a moment, and then suddenly jumped up!

Since he was unable to find a way through this maze, he didn't want to waste too much time on it. Thus, with a leap, he flew up into the air.

No matter how complex the maze was, it could not extend into the sky. Besides, there was no ban on flying above the Sacred Ailanthus.

"Huff, huff …"

Although there was a thick, gray fog obscuring most of the sky in front of him, with the help of his magic vision ability, Zen was able


These dark figures weren't very big, but their speed was indeed incredibly fast. Although Zen had activated his bodily movement skill, he was only able to grab a piece of the tattered cloth fluttering behind them.

"Tss, tss …"

The strip of cloth in Zen's hand had suddenly turned into columns of black gas, which ate corrosively at his fingers. This thing also had poison on it.

If it had been someone else, even their bones would have been corroded. However, Zen's expression did not change at all, and he continued to chase after the black figures.

"Gila —"

Zen chased after one of them, while the other black figure extended its jagged fingers. The curved nails on its fingers were like the claws of a wild beast, and it was chanting an incantation.

Although he knew that this ancient sorcerer race's spells were powerful, Zen had no time to care about that right now. He had to capture this thing first!

Although the dark figure was nimble, its speed was still a lot slower than Zen's. When Zen extended his hand, that black figure could no longer dodge. It was firmly pressed onto the ground by Zen who lifted off its cloak at once!

The moment the cloak was lifted free, it turned into wisps of black fog that started to dissipate immediately. The figure in front of him did indeed look human, but its entire body was pitch black and there was no skin on its hands and feet. Instead, a shining hard shell covered all of its body.

"Gila —"

The thing that Zen was holding on to ground seemed to know that it could not escape, and was also chanting an incantation in a strange language.

Two black vortexes appeared next to Zen, and two palm-sized skulls emerged from the two black vortexes.

These skulls were exactly the same as the ones that Zen had seen earlier on the plates. The only difference was that these skulls had opened their mouths and were moving towards Zen to bite him!

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