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   Chapter 1571 Eyeballs

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Upon checking his ranking, Zen couldn't help but sigh.

In the Illusion Battlefield, there were just too many competitors to take on.

Putting strength aside, each of these warriors at the Soul Sea Realm had their own individual chances and fortunate encounters.

Such warriors with both strength and luck could easily monopolize places like the Deadwood Gate, plundering Illusion Points. Naturally, they could obtain the points much faster than the ordinary warriors.

If it wasn't for Amber's sake, Zen could have easily chased away this group of Demon Night warriors to monopolize the Deadwood Gate by himself. When the gate opened, he could enter it himself and take away four million Illusion Points like it was nothing. Lucille, who had occupied an entire city and forced the warriors to pay her Illusion Points, couldn't be compared to Zen in how he obtained the points.

Because of the fear that something like this would happen, Aurora had been rather wary of Zen. Being a world lord descendant, she'd had her hopes up for getting a good rank—it was probably a tad painful to volunteer the 21 fruits to him.

"Hey, look at this! There's a plate leading to the thirteenth branch. Why don't we move forward?" Zen asked the group as he stared at the area.

"We can't go there." Amber shook her head.

After a blink of her eyes, Aurora smiled, "Zen, you can challenge it if you really want to. But the thirteenth branch is the apex of the Sacred Ailanthus. It'll be difficult beyond what we're capable of. Though, I suppose the reward is quite promising."

Hearing her words, Zen nodded. "I want to give it a try!"

Although he was already in the top twenty thousand in the entire Illusion Battlefield, this rank was by no means the end of it.

"We've climbed onto the thirteenth branch once. It should be the place of inheritance of the sorcerer race. We were attacked by some strange spells when we entered. The spells took some of us out before we retreated. Zen, you must consider this carefully," Amber said with a now worry-stricken face.

With a nod, Zen smiled. "Even if it doesn't work, I can still leave."

Since he already made up his mind, Amber could no long

gth of his body wasn't limited to only his tendons, bones, or skin; even his internal organs had absorbed all sorts of flames, making themselves as tough as a divine weapon.

If it were any other warrior with their heart gripped by this strange force, they probably would have already been severely injured and rendered unable to move. But Zen was completely at ease—it was no big deal ignoring the heartbeat resounding in his ears.

But after about five minutes, he stopped once again.

"This path doesn't seem right. I think I'm walking in circles."

On the road atop the tree, there were sixty to seventy gigantic skulls. After circling a few times, he soon found himself walking in circles.

He felt trapped in the space.

With this thought, Zen closed his eyes and then a layer of green light flashed through his pupils.

He activated his magic vision and swept his gaze in a circular motion.

Zen's eyes widened as he looked through the faint, lead-gray fog—he couldn't help but suck in a sharp breath of cold air.

In the depths of the fog, huge eyeballs were floating about.

Unable to gauge the distance, Zen couldn't tell the exact size of the eyeballs, but they were undoubtedly enormous compared to him. They floated silently in the air as their gaze remained fixed on him.

No matter what kind of creature these eyeballs came from, anyone who was targeted by them would undoubtedly feel their blood run cold—Zen was no exception.

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