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   Chapter 1570 Zen's Ranking Dropped

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When the three men entered the hall, the man on left chuckled as he said, "These women are warriors that have just ascended to our Pure Jade Sacred Place."

"The female warriors at the Soul Sea Realm from the Lower World are all beauties, aren't they?" the man on the right remarked with a smirk.

The most handsome one stood in the middle, attracting every woman's gaze the moment he stepped into the hall. "Those that can ascend to the Upper World must be the most talented warriors in the Lower World. From a young age, they've used pills to change their facial features and body shape, perpetuating their youth. That's why they're all beauties," he explained plainly.

Having waited there for quite a while, the women at the Soul Sea Realm found themselves eager to approach the three men that just arrived and ask about their status.

The lady in the lead asked, "Sirs, I wonder what the Pure Jade Sacred Place intends to do by putting us all in here?"

One of the men chuckled and said, "Don't worry. We have no ill intentions. It's just that it's rather difficult for women to ascend to the Upper World, so we decide to save you the trouble of mining."

Although all the warriors from the Lower World in the hall were women, they had all gone through so much before ascending to the Upper World. Naturally, they weren't impressed by the man's words.

In truth, they all knew that he was making it sound much simpler than it was actually going to be.

"If that's the case, why do we need to be locked in here? Why not just let us go?" another woman asked with a smile.

Standing in the corner was Letitia, who furrowed her brows when she heard the woman's question. If they were freed, she'd be able to go and find Zen. But with the way things were looking, it seemed the men weren't just going to let them go too easily.

As expected, the man only laughed. "The Pure Jade Sacred Place is the greatest power of the Three Purities World. Since you've ascended here, could it be that you all want to give up the rare opportunity to join our sacred place?"

Worry filled the hearts of the women in the hall.

Because they knew they were no match for the three men, they could only wait and see what they were really after.

"Master Hai of our Pure Jade Sacred Place is almost a world lord. He wants to take in some disciples. You are all fortunate enough to be chosen for the status. Follow me. It's worth noting, however, that Master Hai has his own standards. Not just anyone can become his disciple. Good luck, girls."

"Master Hai's disciples?"

"I've had no master since I started cultivating. No matter what cultivation level Master Hai is at, I refuse to be his disciple."

"I knew being brought here was bad new

for me and 70% for you. What do you think, Zen?" With a smile, Aurora fixed her blue eyes on him.

"Sure," Zen nodded. "What about Amber? Why doesn't she need it?"

The moment he finished speaking, Amber shook her head, "I don't need it."

"Why not?" Zen prodded.

In place of Amber, Aurora went ahead and answered the question. "If Amber accumulates a certain amount of Illusion Points, she'll definitely make it to the front. With so many Demon Night warriors keeping an eye on the list, she'll definitely be noticed by the others. The current Amber doesn't need to be noticed—it's better for her to blend in and be forgotten."

Amber's body was still in the Demon Night prison, after all, and the top five million warriors in the entire Illusion Battlefield would attract unnecessary attention. With her strength, it wouldn't be difficult for her to enter the top five million.

If Elena noticed this by chance, Amber would face even more severe consequences.

Although it wasn't a probable outcome, it wasn't worth the risk.

Looking deeply into Amber's eyes, Zen nodded. "I got it."

Then, he took the fruits from Aurora and crushed them one by one.

Every time he crushed a fruit, the Illusion Points burst out of it before rapidly fleeing into his body.

After crushing 21 fruits, Zen obtained 2, 100, 000 Illusion Points—such a number was beyond anyone's expectation. It was only a little less than the points he gained from killing Lucille.

But when he checked his ranking, it turned out that he barely moved.

In this supreme world, his ranking had already moved up to the 267th.

But in the entire Illusion Battlefield, his ranking didn't only fail to improve, but also dropped to the 15, 000th. This meant that the warriors ahead of him were plundering Illusion Points much faster than him.

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